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Announcing a new game from Looney Labs: Doctor Who Fluxx!!!

I’m really looking forward to this one! I’ve seen the card list, and it includes the twelve TV Doctors, Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, and the Ponds!

Doctor Who Fluxx

From the press release:

Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: you’ll play it time after time after time after time…

Doctor Who Fluxx

More Info
Doctor Who Fluxx®
Street Date: November 23, 2017 (54 years to the day that Doctor Who first aired!)
Players: 2-6
Playtime: 5-30 minutes
Ages: 8-Adult

This game is not yet available for pre-order from Amazon (there is a seller out of Brooklyn selling it for more than $20 and charging an insane shipping fee, so avoid that one). In the meantime, learn more about Looney Labs and their awesome games at this link!

Announcing Fluxx Dice

The first boxed expansion for Fluxx, Fluxx Dice adds even more chaotic fun to every turn.

College Park, MD – May 14, 2015 Today Looney Labs announced Fluxx Dice, a new expansion that can be added to any Fluxx deck.
fluxx dice
Fluxx Dice takes the place of the traditional “Draw One, Play One” rules in the many versions of FLuxx. Instead of following the basic rules, at each turn players roll the draw and play dice and follow the new rules set by their roll! The expansion set includes two dice and five cards.

“I always say that Fluxx is a different game each time you play, but with Fluxx Dice it’s a different game every turn,” said designer Andy Looney.

There are currently over a dozen versions of Fluxx, including Star Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx and more on the way with Batman Fluxx and Adventure Time Fluxx set to arrive this summer. Fluxx is designed for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and older and can take 5 minutes to 30 minutes to play. All Fluxx decks include Goal cards, New Rules, Actions and Keepers. Some versions also include Creeper cards, Surprises and Ungoals. No matter the version, Fluxx Dice can be added to any Fluxx card game.

Fluxx Dice is expected to be available from retailers worldwide August 28th at the retail price of $12. For more information, you can visit the Looney Labs website at:

About Looney Labs

Looney Labs was founded in 1997 by Kristin & Andrew Looney, a husband and wife team that gave up successful careers as aerospace engineers (they met while working at NASA) to pursue their hobby business full time. They could tell early on the true hit potential their card game Fluxx had, so they took the jump and quit their day jobs so they could dedicate all their energy to making and promoting Andy’s games. With the creation of new and exciting versions of Fluxx, the popularity of the game has spread worldwide and spawned numerous international publications. Andy Looney continues to create Looney Labs games, from those with lighter play, like Fluxx and Just Desserts, to more strategic games like Chrononauts and the Looney Pyramid game system.

Choose One by Looney Labs

Choose One

Choose One
by Looney Labs

Do you prefer to get all of your Christmas shopping done months in advance, or wait until the last minute? That’s not a question in the game Choose One, but it could be. An entertaining game that can be used for a small party or just family time, Choose One challenges how well you know your friends. Everyone is dealt a hand of cards, each card displaying a choice. You reveal one of the cards and secretly make your pick, then everyone else playing has to guess what you would prefer. Dogs or cats? Star Wars or Star Trek? Musical or magic show? A wide variety of topics is covered and the game guarantees some laughs as you try to defend your choices.

The game is recommended for players fourteen and older. Younger players have a tendency to fib a bit in order to move ahead on the board. If you choose to play with those under 14, you may have to institute a “challenge rule” of some sort, as there are no provisions in the official rules for suspected cheating. Other than that, the game is fun and will keep players entertained for several rounds. I know at the end of every game we have played so far, the question is asked, “Do you want to play again?”

Learn more about Looney Labs.

Purchase Choose One by Looney Labs.

Oz Fluxx by Looney Labs (2012)

Oz Fluxx

Oz Fluxx
by Looney Labs, 2012

One of the most enduring stories in American history is now a card game! Looney Labs released “Oz Fluxx” in March, a Wizard Of Oz-themed version of the imaginative Fluxx playing cards. The rules and goals of the game can potentially change with every card played, so players really have to pay attention…the game can end at any time!

Oz Fluxx

There are several different types of cards in the 100-card deck: keepers, creepers, new rules, goals, actions, and surprises. The goal determines the winner; whoever has the cards named on the goal, wins! Unless…they have a creeper on the table, or another player plays a surprise card to prevent the win. The game starts off with one main rule: draw one card, play one card. As new rules are added, the old rules are superseded whenever there is a conflict. Confused yet? It may sound a little difficult, but it’s really easy once the game starts.

having fun with Oz Fluxx

I have played the game several times, and always have fun playing. Oz Fluxx is recommended for ages eight and up, two to six players. The box says a game can last 10-40 minutes, but it can be much shorter or longer depending on how the cards fall. The first night we opened it, after the kids got sent to bed, my wife and I continued to play over and over for two more hours! As soon as a winner was declared, the cards were gathered up, shuffled, and dealt again.

If you are looking for a fun family-friendly game to play with your kids, or even just with your significant other, Oz Fluxx is a first-rate option. And if you are not into The Wizard of Oz, there are several other versions of the Fluxx game available.

Learn more about Looney Labs.

Purchase Oz Fluxx Card Game.

See other Fluxx games available.

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