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Vampire Legends: Lina Leandersson (Countdown to Halloween)

Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In is the “Best. Vampire. Movie. Ever.” It said so on the cover when I bought in on my lunch break several years ago; my co-workers proceeded to laugh at me. We struggled through the movie, trying to follow the action even though the English dubbing didn’t match up with the actors’ lips as they spoke Swedish. It’s a slow-moving film, and I have come to appreciate it more over the years, and it is far better than the American remake Let Me In, but this movie is far from the “Best. Vampire. Movie. Ever.”

Day 18 of the 30 Day Horror Challenge

Day 18 – Your favorite foreign horror film (outside of your country of origin)…

Full disclosure: I don’t like reading subtitles. If I wanted to read, I would get a book. Even with bad dubbing, the Swedish film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is the winner here. It was recently remade in America as Let Me In, and the remake stayed pretty faithful to the original (which is a bit surprising). Let The Right One In is a different type of vampire movie, a more sensitive take on the condition than most. There is not a lot of action, and if you’re nothing but a gore-hound, you’ll be disappointed. I don’t know that it was worth all the hype it received a few years ago, but it is very good.

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