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JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Poison edition

Poison Bret Michaels CC Deville Rikki Rockett Bobby Dall

One band that I refuse to give up on—no matter how badly they disappoint me—is Poison. I’ve seen these guys at least six times in concert, and I’m always waiting for news of a new album. I’m afraid Bret Michaels is too wrapped up in being a celebrity that he may never come back to CC, Bobby, and Rikki to recapture that magic they had in the 1980s. Despite that, I love Poison’s music. So it’s only fitting to make a “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Poison edition” for the glamsters.

In case you have forgotten (and you probably have, since I haven’t done one of these since May), here are there rules:

  • Every studio album must be represented by one and only one song—no matter how bad the album is. I’m looking at you, Hollyweird.
  • That song does not have to be an official “single” released by the band to promote said album.
  • Compilation albums can be included, but only songs that are new, previously unreleased, or remixes of songs from prior albums are eligible for the list.
  • Live albums are a waste of time. This is a general principle that Poison circumvents by including new studio tracks on their concert releases.

JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Poison edition
1. “Talk Dirty To Me” (Look What the Cat Dragged in, 1986)
2. “Nothin’ But A Good Time” (Open Up And Say…Ahh!, 1988)
3. “Ride The Wind” (Flesh & Blood, 1990)
4. “So Tell Me Why” (Swallow This Live, 1991)
5. “Stand” (Native Tongue, 1993)
6. “Lay Your Body Down” (Greatest Hits 1986-1996, 1996)
7. “Best Thing You Ever Had” (Crack A Smile…And More!, 2000)
8. “The Last Song” (Power to the People, 2000)
9. “Shooting Star” (Hollyweird, 2002)
10. “Something To Believe In” (acoustic version, Best of Ballads & Blues, 2003)
11. “Rock And Roll All Nite” (The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock, 2006)
12 “What I Like About You” (Poison’d!, 2007)

That’s a pretty solid list up there if you ask me, even without “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” But I find a way to sneak it in via the bonus tracks…

Bonus tracks:
1. Warrant “Cherry Pie” (Cherry Pie, 1990)
2. Poison “Whip Comes Down” (“Stand” b-side, 1993)
3. Bret Michaels “Party Rock Band” (A Letter From Death Row, 1998)
4. Len “Feelin’ Alright” (You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush, 1999)
5. Poison “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” (MTV Unplugged version, eventually released on Crack A Smile…And More!, 2000)
7. Samantha 7 “I Wanna Be Famous” (Samantha 7, 2000)
8. Rikki Rockett “All The Way From Memphis” (Glitter 4 Your Soul, 2003)
9. Jeffrey Steele “Good Year For The Outlaw” (Outlaw, 2004)

What songs would you replace on your own Ultimate Mixtape: Poison edition?

(This is the third “Ultimate Mixtape” post so far…see also Mötley Crüe and Van Halen.)

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