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Defenders of the Faith – Special 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition by Judas Priest (2015)


Defenders of the Faith – Special 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
by Judas Priest
Legacy, 2015
3 discs, 144 minutes

Released in January 1984, Defenders of the Faith was an immediate success for Judas Priest. The album is strong from beginning to end, but does not contain a standout anthem like many of the heavy metal band’s prior albums. Nonetheless, Defenders of the Faith is still popular with hard rock fans, prompting the“Special 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” released two weeks ago.

The original album is remastered, but another remastered release was made available as recently as 2001. What makes this reissue significant is the inclusion of the group’s performance in Long Beach to promote the album. Recorded on May 5, 1984, at the Long Beach Arena, the concert is twenty-one songs over two discs, and contains every song from the studio release except “Eat Me Alive” along with some of Judas Priest’s most memorable songs from other records such as British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance.

The band fires on all cylinders during the concert; Rob Halford is in top form while the dual guitar attack of K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton sounds fantastic. Having seen the band live (although not during this classic era), I can attest that they sound fantastic and this is a genuine performance. Fans who already own the original Defenders of the Faith release from 1984, or the remastered reissue from 2001, the “Special 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” is well worth the purchase price to add this live performance to their collections.

Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
1. Freewheel Burning
2. Jawbreaker
3. Rock Hard Ride Free
4. The Sentinel
5. Love Bites
6. Eat Me Alive
7. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
8. Night Comes Down
9. Heavy Duty
10. Defenders Of The Faith
1. Love Bites
2. Jawbreaker
3. Grinder
4. Metal Gods
5. Breaking The Law
6. Sinner
7. Desert Plains
8. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
9. The Sentinel
10. Rock Hard Ride Free
1. Night Comes Down
2. The Hellion
3. Electric Eye
4. Heavy Duty
5. Defenders Of The Faith
6. Freewheel Burning
7. Victim Of Changes
8. The Green Manalishi
9. Living After Midnight
10. Hell Bent For Leather
11. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

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George Lynch – Legacy (2012)

George Lynch Legacy

George Lynch
Rat Pak Records, 2012
17 minutes

The list of great guitarists from the “hair metal” era is long, but there are a handful of names that rise to the top. George Lynch is among the greatest of those who achieved enormous popularity in the heyday of hard rock on MTV. He is best known as the former lead guitarist of Dokken, and later Lynch Mob. What many do not realize is that Lynch is still very active today with Lynch Mob and several side projects.

Legacy is a solo record, a showcase of the axeman’s skill. Backed by bassist Rev Jones and drummer Michael Frowen, Lynch blazes through four tracks of unrelenting sound, pulling no punches as he announces to the hard rock world that he still has the ability to shred with the best of them. Instrumental albums can at times be a double-edged sword; while the focus and spotlight is on the fretwork, there is no lyrical component with which to sing along. As such, the listener can be more easily distracted and miss some of the intricate guitar passages that Lynch weaves into his compositions.

There can be no denying the talent that resides in his fingertips, and fans of instrumental hard rock should appreciate and enjoy Legacy from George Lynch. For those who are more inclined to listen to music with vocals, come back tomorrow for a review of another Lynch project.

1. Blood Drive
2. Circulo Del Fuego
3. Invoid
4. The Road Ahead

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