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R.I.P. Michael Jagosz

(December 13, 1965 – March 9, 2014)

Before Axl Rose fronted L.A. Guns, there was Michael Jagosz. Rose would take the job while Jagosz spent a week in jail following a bar fight. With Jagosz, L.A. Guns released a four-song EP entitled Collector’s Edition No. 1, which included the above song. Jagosz passed away March 9.


Top 50 Hair Metal Songs: #18 – L.A. Guns “Never Enough”

It is unfortunate that Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns cannot bury the hatchet and work together; they made some great music together in the 1980s. Currently both tour with their own version of the band. Tracii has a revolving door of lead singers, including former reality show contestants Marty Casey and Dilana. I was fortunate to see both versions of the band a few years ago. While Lewis’ voice is better suited for these songs than anyone, Tracii brings more energy to the live performance and I found his concert more enjoyable.

Other songs considered: “Over The Edge,” “The Ballad Of Jayne,” “Rip And Tear”

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The Rock Never Stops

I don’t care if the year is 2008 instead of 1988. Good music never goes out of style. Last night in Louisville, I feasted on an audible smörgåsbord of “hair metal” from three of the most underrated bands of the era. Read the rest of this entry

Just got home…

Rob (from Hard Rock Hideout) and I went to Louisville tonight…er, make that last night…for the Bang Tango/L.A. Guns/Faster Pussycat show. Read the rest of this entry

I missed Rocklahoma

But I won’t miss this “low dough” show on Sunday in Louisville… Read the rest of this entry

L.A. Guns live video

L.A. Guns, the non-Tracii Guns version of the band, played at a little club in Cincinnati last week. Phil Lewis, the lead singer, was in top form, and guitarist Stacey Blades did an excellent job on the frets. Rob from Hard Rock Hideout took some video during the show. You can view those videos by clicking here. Anyone who wonders whether L.A. Guns can survive without Tracii needs to check out the Phil Lewis-fronted group.

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