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Happy Reds birthday, Kent Tekulve!

Kent Tekulve Teke

March 5, 1947

You can’t get cooler than Kent Tekulve, so don’t even try. He rocked those specs and the sidearm like no one else. The bulk of his career was played in Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh for just over 11 years and Philadelphia for four; Tekulve signed on with the Reds for the 1989 season and appeared in 37 games for Cincinnati before retiring. Six BBWAA voters named Tekulve on their Hall of Fame ballot in 1995; his teammate Mike Schmidt was the only player inducted via the writers that year, though five others would eventually get the nod from the BBWAA.

1983 Donruss and the search for a Hall of Fame rookie card

pack 1

pack 2

I picked up two rack packs of 1983 Donruss last night at the Redsfest for $1 each. I thought surely they were just in the wrong place on the table, but no…$1 each. And with a Reggie Jackson Diamond King showing on top, how could I resist?

Of course, the only real reason to buy packs from 1983 is to find a rookie card of Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, or Ryne Sandberg. So did I do it? Find out after the jump…

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Gypsy Queen – Kent Tekulve

Once an All-Star, twice a top-5 finisher in Cy Young voting, thrice the league leader in games finished, four times in games. Kent Tekulve was most famous for his glasses, though. An underrated pitcher during his playing days but still a fan favorite.

The Ultimate Nerd Smackdown!!!

I started thinking last night (dangerous, I know) about who would win in a battle between Kent Tekulve and Tom Hume…

But then I thought, why stop there? Why not throw Tom Henke into the mess! The more blood the better, right!?!

So now it’s on you…

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