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Photoset: Judas Priest (November 8, 2011 @ US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH)

More photos and my concert review of Judas Priest can be found at!

A new feature at the HRN blog…

A couple of weeks ago I started a new feature at the Hard Rock Nights blog called “New Song Smackdown,” pitting new hard rock songs against each other. So far, it has been established names in the hard rock world that have battled, but that will change soon. This week’s battle is between Judas Priest and Black Sab…er, Heaven & Hell. I’ve reposted the poll here so you can vote too!

You can hear Heaven and Hell’s “Eating The Cannibals” here.

You can hear Judas Priest’s “Prophecy” here.

Sometimes the best albums are the most surprising.

2008 has been a pretty good year for music so far. New releases from several classic hard rock acts, new supergroups, and up-and-comers have highlighted the scene so far. I decided to give a quick overview of some of the albums that have invaded my earspace lately. Two I have already mentioned on this blog, at least in passing, the other two I don’t believe I have breathed a word of… Read the rest of this entry

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