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Happy Reds birthday, Jerry Reuss!


June 19, 1949

Jerry Reuss is somewhat of a legend among card collecting bloggers. Way back in 2010, Reuss took the time to comment on one of Night Owl’s posts. This isn’t the last time a player has commented on a card blog, but this was the first that I recall and it caused a bit of a stir in this at-the-time-much-smaller community. You see, back in 2010, there weren’t five hundred gazillion blogs. They were easier to keep up with. Now, there’s a blog for every conceivable niche of collecting. Night Owl was, and still is, one of the very best. Maybe the best. I can’t think of better off the top of my head.

Sadly, Reuss was never featured as a Red on cardboard. He split 1987 between three teams: the Dodgers, Reds, and Angels. His 1987 cards all show him in Los Angeles, while his 1988 base cards picture him in the other Los Angeles (of Anaheim). His Cincinnati career is relegated to a line on Fortunately, there is photographic evidence that Reuss played in Cincinnati found on his flickr page along with a ton of other awesome photos from his career.


Does Jerry Reuss really need a website?

GCRL mentioned in passing that he received some Reuss autographs in the mail today, along with a sticker that said, “coming soon,!” Really? Is this a joke? Does Jerry Reuss really need a website?

Reuss was a decent pitcher, but never won any real awards. Comeback Player of the Year doesn’t count, because that just means he was either really really bad or injured the year before. Two-time All-Star. Does that make one website-worthy? If so, where is Chris Sabo’s .com? Or for that matter, future Hall of Famer Barry Larkin’s?

Am I just bitter that the Dud-gers get more press and have more success than my Reds and Cubs combined? Maybe.

OK, I am.

But at least I haven’t been featured on Baseball Card Bust.

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