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Random Awesomeness (part 208)

Random Awesomeness

Purchase Quiet Riot – Live At The US Festival 1983.

Francis Lockwood – Jimi’s Colors: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (2012)

Jimi's Colors by Francis Lockwood CD review

Francis Lockwood
Jimi’s Colors: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
Fremeaux & Associes, 2012
44 mins.

If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if Jimi Hendrix wrote songs for Peanuts cartoons, wonder no more. Francis Lockwood answers that question with his jazzy renditions of Hendrix classics on Jimi’s Colors. Lockwood’s skills on the piano shines on every track; he is joined by Gilles Naturel on bass and Peter Gritz on drums. The album was originally released in the 1990s, but was recently reissued by the French label Fremeaux & Associes.

Of the eleven songs presented here, only five were actually written by Hendrix; three others were standards in the guitarist’s repertoire while Lockwood contributes three of his own compositions to the tribute. As often happens when one genre is translated to another, some of the tracks work better than others. “Third Stone from the Sun” sets the tone for the album and sounds as if it was written for this style, and “Sunshine of Your Love” is a bombastic tune that is nearly as memorable as the Cream’s original. Conversely, “Hey Joe” sounds a bit forced. Lockwood’s originals fit right in to the flow; “Speed Peanut” in particular is a fun and frivolous number.

Fans of Jimi Hendrix will appreciate this record; fans of Vince Guaraldi will absolutely love it.

1. Third Stone from the Sun
2. All Along the Watchtower
3. Speed Peanut
4. Snow in Eckford Street
5. The Wind Cries Mary
6. Party Song
7. Gipsy Eyes
8. Sunshine of Your Love
9. Burning of the Midnight Lamp
10. Hey Joe
11. Little Wing

Learn more about Fremeaux & Associes.

Purchase Francis Lockwood – Jimi’s Colors: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix.

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