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Horror Fun Cards: 1980 Topps Pamela Voorhees

1980 Topps Custom Card Pamela Voorhees Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Jason Voorhees

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Today is a very special day…

…it’s Friday!

But there’s a Friday every week, right? So that can’t be the only reason today is special.

Let’s see, it’s the thirteenth day of the month…



Look, if other bloggers can get away with Muppets cards, I can post a few horror cards, right? (BTW, I love the Muppets cards, especially the Kermit die-cut!)

I had a little too much fun with these. I had intended on only doing a card of Jason, but then decided he needed some playmates. So you’ll see some horror-themed Gypsy Queens over the next couple of weeks too, along with the baseball customs.

And since Jason wasn’t even the killer in the first film, I decided to do a card of the actual crazed murderer…his momma!

Just remember…don’t go investigate that loud noise that you heard in the basement…

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