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Doctor Who: Where’s The Doctor? by Jamie Smart

Doctor Who: Where’s The Doctor?
illustrations by Jamie Smart
BBC Children’s Books, Published by the Penguin Group, 2011
40 pages

A collection of illustrations originally published in Doctor Who: Monster Invasion magazine, this book is a fantastic addition to any Doctor Who fan’s bookshelf. As you might have guessed, Doctor Who: Where’s The Doctor? is filled with “Where’s Waldo”-type puzzles in which you can search for the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and the TARDIS as they hide among their enemies. An additional list of items can be spotted as well, including Fido the Dog, clowns, astronauts and more.

The amount of details included in each puzzle is mind-boggling. The Cyberfactory page is one of my favorites, featuring an overweight Cyberman munching on French fries, another sitting on the edge of the platform with a fishing pole, and another handing out ice cream cones. The page featuring The Silence was the most challenging for me; it took a good fifteen minutes to find the Doctor. After finding the Doctor and his friends, there is one additional puzzle at the end of the book in which the reader is challenged to spot ten differences.

Illustrator Jamie Smart does a marvelous job with the characters, from the Daleks to the Weeping Angels to the Slitheen. It is just as fun to look through the drawings as it is trying to find the Doctor’s hiding spot.

Doctor Who fans of all ages will love the challenges presented in Where’s The Doctor?

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