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Top 10 Actors

A few weeks ago, 30-Year Old Cardboard made a list of his ten favorite actors. I decided I would steal the idea, but never got around to it…until now. Here we go…

Honorable mentions: Henry Winkler (the Fonz!), David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor), John Schneider and Tom Wopat (Bo and Luke Duke, respectively), and Christian Slater. I will watch just about any program or movie that features these guys because they are simply awesome.

10. Michael J. Fox – From television (“Family Ties” and “Spin City”) to the big screen (Back to the Future and Teen Wolf), he has been one of my favorites. Netflix streaming alert: Teen Wolf!

9. James Franco – I had trouble deciding where to go with Franco. Was he really top-10 worthy? Then I looked at his credentials again, and it’s a no-brainer. “Freaks and Geeks” was awesome; he is the only Harry Osbourne in my mind; his portrayal of Allen Ginsberg in Howl was fantastic. I have the 2001 TV movie James Dean in my Netflix DVD queue…hoping it gets a streaming date soon (because there are so many other DVDs in my queue, and it’s just easier to watch a stream).

8. James Earl Jones – He was the voice of Darth Vader, yo. Need I say more? Okay, I will: Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings, AND The Lion King. That’s right, he was Luke’s daddy and Simba’s pop.

7. Tommy Lee Jones – This man is the definition of cool. Mr. Jones (that’s what people who are not his friends have to call him) is not only a great action actor, he can also pull off an occasional comedy. Check out Man of the House if you don’t believe me. (You thought I was going Men In Black there, didn’t you?)

6. Bill Murray – One of the funniest funnymen in history. His minor role in Zombieland was one of the highlights of that movie, and it’s a very strong 5-star movie in my mind.

5. Neil Patrick Harris – Who knew little Doogie would grow up to be such a hilarious dude? “How I Met Your Mother” is one of the very few television shows I watch today. He also does a lot of voice acting for cartoons (especially comic book cartoons). Netflix streaming alert: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Don’t let the title scare you off. It’s hilarious, and also features Nathan Fillion.

4. James Dean – If Mr. Jones is the definition of cool, Mr. Dean is the definition of Mr. Jones’ daddy. Rebel Without A Cause is and always will be one of my favorite movies. Netflix streaming alert: Giant.

3. Robert Englund – Yes, the guy that played Freddy Krueger. While A Nightmare on Elm Street will forever be his claim to fame (and rightly so), Englund has done some other great work. One of my favorite non-ANOES roles is Mayor Buckman in 2001 Maniacs, a gory flick released in 2005. There is also his role as Willie on the original “V.” Netflix streaming alert: “V: The Original Miniseries.” (Maybe Netflix should be paying me for all these plugs.)

2. Kiefer SutherlandThe Lost Boys. Flatliners. Young Guns. Chuck Norris loses. Netflix streaming alert: “24.”

1. Harrison Ford – All my friends liked Luke Skywalker, but I was a Han Solo guy all the way. And then Indiana Jones…wow. One of the first DVDs I ever purchased was The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble. There are so many other movies that he has been in that I love…What Lies Beneath, Firewall, Regarding Henry, and even Hollywood Homicide. You read that right. I love Hollywood Homicide. Netflix streaming alert: Hollywood Homicide. Oh yes.

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