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The Return of Random Awesomeness (part 2019.1)

It has been nearly three years since my last “Random Awesomeness” post. Partly because I don’t blog as much as I used to, and partly because I don’t spend as much time on the internet as I used to. But there is still a lot of cool stuff to be found around the web, and things that I want to share with you that don’t naturally fit into my own blogposts. Each “Random Awesomeness” entry will feature seven or more links to some pretty rad stuff, so (obviously) I recommend checking them out. I usually include a music video of some sort and a link where you can buy the music (or something related to the video). New in 2019 is “What I’m Reading Right Now.” No spoilers, just a link to where you can buy the book I’m reading.

I don’t know how often I will publish a new list “Random Awesomeness”…maybe weekly? I’m really not sure. Be awesome, and you’ll probably end up on the list. Since this is the first post in almost three years, I decided to change up the top-of-post image as well, so without further ado

Random Awesomeness

What I’m Reading Right Now: Steelheart: The Reckoners, Book One by Brandon Sanderson.

Purchase Star Wars music by John Williams.

Jack White at Lollapalooza…starting in just a few moments

Jack WhiteThis was Lollapalooza weekend. See what you miss when you spend the week in the hospital?

I missed Black Sabbath’s performance, and plan to go back and view some video on YouTube when I have a chance. But I would really like to catch Jack White’s show tonight. The concert is streaming on YouTube, with White scheduled to go on at 9:30 eastern / 8:30 central / adjust it however you need to from there. You can watch it via this link:

Update (the day after): Several performances have been posted on YouTube, but I don’t see a full set anywhere. Here is “Sixteen Saltines” from the official Lollapalooza channel:

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