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Coach Piazza

Piazza coaching for Italy
Since his retirement, future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza has been involved in coach for Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic. I don’t know enough about the former catcher to form an opinion about his abilities on the sidelines, so I’m asking you…do you think Mike Piazza would be a good major league manager or coach?

The card above is from the 2013 TWJ series that is being posted daily on tumblr. This past week has been a mixture of cards from the WBC (including Brandon Phillips, Robinson Cano, and Miguel Cabrera) and players in spring training (including Troy Tulowitzki and Gavin Floyd). There is even a special WBC card immortalizing the Canada/Mexico feud. Feel free to follow (I almost always follow back) and let me know if you have any requests for future TWJ subjects!

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