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Brandon Reeves – A Decent Melody (2013)

Brandon Reeves

Brandon Reeves
A Decent Melody
Independent release, 2013
47 minutes

Blues music has taken many forms over the years, from rootsy southern grit to bombastic British riffs to tear-it-down Texas tunes. Brandon Reeves is able to take the best of each style, constructing a solid blues album in A Decent Melody. Reeves delivers a few acoustic tracks with a definite country flair, but the songs that stick with this listener are the electric, SRV-influenced tracks such as “16 Months” and “Still Had To Run.” His guitar solos especially shine through on these electric numbers.

Reeves handles all lead vocals, guitar, resonator, mandolin and most bass guitar duties on A Decent Melody He is backed by Corey Ahlquist (drums), John Carrozza (keyboards), Mike Terrell (harmony vocals), Derek Morgan (bass on “Wherever It Might Be”), and Adrian Ash (drums on “Wherever It Might Be”).

A sneak preview of the album was posted by Reeves on YouTube:

1. I Still Believe
2. Last Dollar Bill
3. A Decent Melody
4. Dry River Blues
5. Song About An Irish Girl
6. Every Heart Breaks Free
7. Born In The Country
8. 16 Months
9. Used To Have A Good Woman
10. Wherever It Might Be
11. Still Had To Run
12. Who Do You Say I Am?
13. Reno

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David Bronson – Story (2012)

David Bronson

David Bronson
independent, 2012
46 mins.

This year has been a great year for music; several legendary bands have made epic comeback albums while a number of new artists have popped up with a fresh take on the world. Unfortunately, when so many good records are available, independent artists often get lost in the shuffle. David Bronson is one such musician that should not be overlooked.

Bronson, a singer/songwriter, has a different sound that is impossible to pigeonhole. The songs do not sound like anything on commercial radio, but are quite good nonetheless. Bronson has an off-beat vocal delivery over instrumentation that is almost reminiscent of classic David Bowie, even though he is not British. Maria Neckam provides a female voice on the album, but until she takes the spotlight on “Us,” the listener might not even notice she is there; her backing vocals blend in beautifully with the sounds that support Bronson’s Story. Her contributions, especially on “Us” and “Adrift,” have a haunting quality that might remind some of the Velvet Underground and Nico.

Story might not make many year-end lists for best albums, but it should certainly get a few honorable mention nods. A well-produced independent album with solid writing and performance is a rare thing indeed.

1. The Turns
2. Times
3. If
4. Easier
5. The Ones
6. Us
7. Momentary
8. Adrift
9. Watch the Sun (October Reprise)
10. Outside
11. Unending (Underture)

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Purchase David Bronson – Story.

Indie horror movie feast (via @HorrorHound and @Netflix)

I picked up the special November convention-exclusive issue of HorrorHound Magazine last night at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati. The article “The HorrorHound Grill” lists a ton of independent movies that have been released over the past couple of years. Below is a list of the titles I could locate available to stream on Netflix (* = foreign language):

Of these seventeen movies, I have only seen Hobo With a Shotgun, Red State and Rubber (which I need to re-watch because I was really tired when I watched it and don’t remember much about it at all). I needed a list like this since so much goes by without much fanfare, and if I don’t recognize the cover art or any of the people involved, many times I won’t take the time to look into it.

Hopefully a few more titles will pop up on Netflix in the future. The write-ups for both Rare Exports and Stakeland look interesting, and the artwork for Kidnapped looks terrifying (even if it is in Spanish and I hate subtitles).

I will start watching some of these movies, perhaps tonight, and will of course let you know if something in particular strikes my fancy. If you have any recommendations for other recent releases that are available to stream through Netflix, or if you have an opinion of any of the above films, let me know!

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