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Pujols 500 home runs

Because 500 still means something when it is done the right way. I hadn’t intended to commemorate special events this season, but Albert Pujols connecting for the 500th home run of his career on Tuesday night was a pretty big deal. I felt like I owed it to him and to history to make a special card for the event.

Jim Thome was the most recent to reach the milestone cleanly, but there was not a great deal of fanfare when he did it. When Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th, he was actually booed because of the unethical way he did it.

It used to mean more, but it still means something. It has to. Because if it doesn’t mean something, then neither does baseball. Will we ever get back to the way it was? No, but we still have the 500 home run club, and even if there are a few bad apples in the club (seven by my count), that doesn’t mean the whole thing is meaningless.

Congratulations, Albert Pujols.

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Pop quiz! #2

Here’s another fun one: MLB home run leaders of the 1990s. You have seven minutes to do this one. Try it without cheating…test your memory, not your baseball-reference skills. 🙂

I got 17/24.

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