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I’m not going to talk about the election today

Yes, I voted. Not the way I wanted to, but I did it. However, there are more important things in my life right now than who will be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January. I’ll check the news later tonight or maybe tomorrow and find out who “won” (but I’ll tell you right now, regardless of the outcome, America lost).

Instead, I’ll be studying the Bible with someone this morning. I have also scheduled my Twitter account to post some Scriptures throughout the day as a reminder that God is the Almighty, and that neither Trump nor Clinton can take that away from Him.

And, I might post a few pictures of baseball cards as time permits. Because baseball cards are awesome.

But there will be no more election talk on my Twitter account today.

I am not going to vote for Obama

Nor would I have voted for Hillary Clinton. Not because they are Democrats, but because I don’t believe in what they want to do to this country. Don’t mistake that for an endorsement of McCain. However, I do think the path McCain will lead us down is not as dangerous as that of Obama or Clinton. Truth be told, I believe Ron Paul is the best of the bunch. Not that I believe everything he endorses, but he is a lot closer to my views than anyone else in the national spotlight.

Now for something completely different, watch this astoundingly profound video.

This one almost made me cry

Just some good-natured fun, and man is it funny. Read the rest of this entry

Young Hillary Clinton.

Let it be known, before viewing the video below, that I am anti-Obama. But I thought this video was hilarious. Read the rest of this entry

Bush and McCain caused the earthquake

I can’t believe those low-down, dirty Republicans caused that earthquake this morning! I just might have to change my mind and vote for a Democrat!

Anyone want a Huckabee card?

I’ve now got two Mike Huckabee 2008 Topps cards. If you have an extra Ron Paul John McCain or Hillary Clinton or another candidate card (besides Obama, Paul or Biden) and would like to trade for a Huckabee, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at jasontcarter at gmail.

It all sounds great…

…but also unrealistic. It doesn’t matter if you go with Clinton or Obama, the result will be the same. Their projects and promises will cost the American people more than we can afford.

SNL’s political sketches

If you are trying to find videos of SNL’s debate spoofs on YouTube, sorry. Because of “copyright infringement,” YouTube yanks them almost as quickly as they are posted. However, I have found a website that hosts the videos through Megavideo. Check out Saturday Night Live and Presidential Debate for these videos.

That other guy.

Radio talk show host and local Cincinnati legend Bill Cunningham got into a little bit of trouble the other day. It seems that while introducing Senator John McCain at a rally in the Queen City, Cunningham referred to the Democratic front-runner numerous times by his full name, “Barack Hussein Obama.” When questioned whether Obama’s full name should be used, McCain answered in the negative.

So I guess we have to call him “Barack Obama.” But wait…”Barack” rhymes with “Iraq,” one of the countries where our troops are stationed in the war on terror. If “Hussein” reminds us of tyrannical Muslims, surely the very country would as well. So maybe we should just call him “Obama.”

But that won’t work either. See, “Obama” rhymes with “Osama,” and that slip-of-the-tongue has even made it into interviews. I guess we can’t use any part of his name.

So what do we call him? “The black guy running for President”? No, that’s racial. “The Democratic nominee”? Two problems here: 1) he’s not officially the nominee yet, and 2) calling him a “Democrat” is partisan, and we’ve had enough partisan politics in this country.

What about “that other guy”? First, “guy” is gender-specific, so it is demeaning to Senator Hillary Clinton. And we would never want to denigrate her. Second, there’s also “that other guy” Ralph Nader, “that other guy” Mike Huckabee (yes, he’s still in the race), and “that other guy” Ron Paul (yes, he’s still in the race, too). So just calling him “that other guy” may confuse some people.

Oh, you’re already confused? So am I.

Just who does Ralph Nader think he is?

How dare he think he can run for President! He’s not a member of the Democratic or Repuplican party…he can’t be President! Doesn’t he know that only Dems and Reps are fit to be President, that only Dems and Reps can be on the ballot, that only Dems and Reps offer the proper choice for Americans?

Don’t misconstrue this to think that I support Nader. I don’t. He is possibly a worse choice than even Obama. But as an American, he has every right to run. And every American has the right to vote for him if they so desire. I encourage you to research Nader and his beliefs and make an informed decision before casting your vote in November. I hope you don’t choose him (unless you were planning on voting for Clinton or Obama instead…lol), but you have a responsibility to see what he stands for and how he lines up with your own beliefs.

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