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Trade with the Cardboard Junkie

I received two packages from other bloggers in the mail today, but I need to deal with the stuffed envelope that came from Cardboard Junkie on Saturday first. I had a Heyward manupatch, he wanted it. He also wanted my shinies. And I wanted to get rid of a ton of other Braves. So I packed up a box of cards and shipped them off last week, and he did the same…loaded with Reds and other goodies.

A few days ago I posted that I was going to collect the All-Star Rookies from the 2011 set, and I’ve already got Series 1’s ASRs wrapped up. In theory I did…but now in reality I do. I pulled the Strasburg and Walker out of a blaster, and dayf was kind enough to send over the other three from Series 1: Buster Posey, Gaby Sanchez, and Mike Stanton

He also loaded me up on 2011 Redlegs. The only white-border Reds cards I am missing now (again, this includes the cards that are in the mail, not yet in hand) are Johnny Bench and Edinson Volquez. Here’s the 2011 Topps Reds haul:

I still love how Topps used a photo from the highlight of the Reds season…Jay Bruce‘s division-clinching home run. It was a fantastic moment to watch, and I will be reminded of that magical game every time I look at Bruce’s card.

But of course there was more than 2011’s to be had. There were a ton of vintage goodies, including some Johnny Bench and Hal McRae and Pete Rose

And then there was this beauty. 2009 Allen & Ginter Jay Bruce framed game-used jersey card. I’ve never held one of these in my hands before, but I can now say that I see what all the fuss is about.

Thanks, dayf!

Reds from Johngy’s Beat

A few weeks ago, I made a “fun card” of Mike Squires for Johngy’s Beat. He told me he had some Reds for me in return, and I thought, “Cool, maybe he’ll hit some of my blank spots from the junk wax era.” I mean, I don’t have every 1987-1991 Reds card. Then he said he had some 1970s Reds for me. I thought, “Cool, I could always use a couple more 1978 or 1979 cards.”

A package arrived today. There were no junk wax Reds. There were no 1978 or 1979 Reds. Inside that package, there were twelve 1972 cards, ten 1974 cards, and twenty-two 1975 cards. Yes, twenty-two 1975 cards! An amazing package, and every single card was one that I needed. Here are a few of my favorites…

I always loved the Topps All-Star Rookies. 1971 was not a great year for ASRs – no Hall of Famers on that list.

McRae is always overlooked because he was traded away before the mid-70s powerhouse Machine.

A rare action shot from the 1974 set. Most of the cards in this set were posed photos.

Look at that smile on Nolan’s face. It’s like he knew the Reds were going to dominate in ’75.

2010 Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame inductee.

Johnny Bench led the NL in RBI three times: 1970, 1972, and 1974. He came in 4th in MVP voting in 1974. Ahead of him were a couple of blue boys (Garvey and Marshall) and a speedy bird (Brock). Burroughs won the AL MVP in 1974, the only time he led the AL in RBI.

Thanks to Johngy for these awesome cards! You certainly made my day better today!

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