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Gypsy Queen – Eric Davis

One of the most exciting players I’ve ever seen play was also one of the most frustrating. His hard-nosed, all-out hustle kept Eric Davis less than 100% too often, and he never reached the potential that everyone saw in him. I can still see him leaping up at Riverfront Stadium, stealing a home run from Cardinals slugger Jack Clark.

This is the last of the GQ customs, unless you have requests (which you can leave in the comments).

Gypsy Queen – Russ Thorn

It has been so long since I watched this movie, but I really wanted to have ten different fictional killers for this virtual “insert” set for my custom Gypsy Queens, and decided that a lesser-known like Russ Thorn would be perfect.

Gypsy Queen – Jose Rijo

I always forget who won the 1990 World Series MVP. Billy Hatcher had such a great series offensively, but Jose Rijo’s pitching was definitely spot-on. I have a baseball from the Series, but have not had it autographed yet. I guess I’m holding out for Rijo (who was, by the way, the MVP). It just doesn’t seem right to have anyone else sign it.

Gypsy Queen – Norman Bates

A true horror masterpiece, Psycho should have never been remade. I thought Vince Vaughn and company did a fine job, but the original needed no update.

Gypsy Queen – Dusty Baker

I’m not a fan of Dusty Baker the manager. And I came to baseball too late to be a fan of Dusty Baker the player. But I know there are people out there that think he is a genius, and for you I made this GQ card of the former Dodger.

Gypsy Queen – Rob Dibble

It’s Monday…woo-hoo! I’m actually off work today, so Monday is no big deal for me this week. With my work schedule, my off days one week are exactly the opposite of the next, unless I’m working overtime. That’s probably the worst thing about being a relief pitcher…you never really know when you’ll be “working.”

That was a really bad segue. I’m sorry. Enjoy Rob Dibble.

Gypsy Queen – Pete Rose

It’s Sunday…let’s post two!

A pair of Pete Rose customs from his days in Philly and Montreal.

Gypsy Queen – Davey Lopes and Bill Russell

Since the Reds are playing the Dodgers this weekend, how about a couple of Dodger GQ’s? It’s the double play combo of second baseman Davey Lopes and shortstop Bill Russell!

The Reds and Dodgers have been through a lot together, especially since they used to be in the same division. The Reds in the NL West..wasn’t that crazy?

Man, I miss those days.

Gypsy Queen – Harry Warden

OK, I know. Harry Warden wasn’t really the killer in My Bloody Valentine. In case you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t tell you that Tom was really the killer.


Sorry. If you haven’t seen the movie already, you probably won’t anyway. And the original 1981 film is better than the remake…with a different killer even.

Gypsy Queen – Chris Sabo

Still a very popular guy in Cincinnati, Chris Sabo was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame just last year. Nicknamed “Spuds” by manager Pete Rose, Sabo was known as much for his googles as his hustle on the field.

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