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Fun Cards: 2018 TWJ American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney

Last year while on vacation, I was flipping through the channels at the hotel late at night. I landed on a marathon of American Ninja Warrior. I had never watched the show before but quickly became enthralled with the obstacle courses and the athleticism of the competitors. After we returned home from vacation, I caught up on the current season on Hulu and impatiently waited from week to week for a new episode. I was hooked. I’m an American Ninja Warrior fanatic.

I was very disappointed to find a complete absence of American Ninja Warrior trading cards. So I decided to make some myself. My design is very basic, but I’m satisfied with it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 2018 TWJ American Ninja Warrior trading cards…

Grant McCartney

I started with Grant McCartney, “The Island Ninja,” because he is one of my favorite competitors. He always seems to genuinely have fun running the courses and has a positive attitude, even when he comes up short.

You can catch “The Island Ninja” on Twitter and Instagram, or grab some Island Ninja swag here.

Watch American Ninja Warrior on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Do you want to become a Ninja Warrior? Check out the recently published Become an American Ninja Warrior: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide.

DISCLAIMER: These cards are not for sale. They are not even printed. They exist only in digital form on this blog.

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