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Fun Cards: 1972 Topps Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner (The Eagles)

Glenn Frey

The debut Eagles album was released in June, 1972, and contained such classic songs as “Witchy Woman,” “Peaceful, Easy Feeling,” and “Take It Easy.” The band featured Glenn Frey on guitar, Don Henley on drums, Bernie Leadon on guitar, and Randy Meisner on bass. The four members shared vocal duties.

Don Henley

Continuing the series of musician “rookie” cards, I made some tweaks to the 1972 Topps design. The font is not an exact match, and there was more work than I’m accustomed to, but I’m happy with the result.

Bernie Leadon

Perhaps down the road I will finish up with a 1974 Don Felder, 1976 Joe Walsh, and 1979 Timothy B. Schmit to mark their recording debuts with the group. But for now, the original four Eagles deserve their own post.

Randy Meisner

JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Eagles edition

eagles2016 has been a rough one so far when it comes to celebrity deaths. Lemmy, David Bowie, and now Glenn Frey have all left this terrestrial plane. I listened to the Eagles a lot during high school, but not quite so much in the past twenty years or so. Sure, there are some go-to songs there, but as a whole, I’m just not into the band like I once was.

A friend asked me last night what my three favorite Eagles songs were. I answered immediately: “James Dean,” “Ol’ 55,” and “Hotel California.” No hesitation whatsoever. Then I started thinking about an Eagles “Ultimate Mixtape.” It gets a little more difficult.

If you are not familiar with the “Ultimate Mixtape” concept, here is a quick run-down of the rules:

  • Every album must be represented by one and only one song. The most difficult album for me here was On The Border, which includes my two favorite Eagles songs.
  • The selected song does not have to be a single used to promote the album.
  • Live albums are fine if you want to use them, but you are not required to include them if you are satisfied with your “Ultimate Mixtape” without them. Sometimes they are a great tool to sneak in a classic song when the studio version didn’t make the cut.
  • “Greatest Hits”/ “Best of” albums are eligible only if they contain new songs, or new versions of old songs. That’s why neither of the first two Eagles “Greatest Hits” albums are included, but the 2003 compilation has a newly recorded song.

Everyone’s “Ultimate Mixtape” will be different, and I would love to know how yours differs from mine. Are you ready to rock? Let’s check out “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Eagles edition”…

Bonus Tracks:

What do you think? Did I miss your favorite Eagles song or solo project on the bonus disc?

Click here to see all previous editions of JT’s Ultimate Mixtape.

Goodbye, Glenn Frey

(November 6, 1948 – January 18, 2016)

A founding member of the Eagles, singer and guitarist Glenn Frey passed away today of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia while recovering from intestinal surgery.

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