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Who wants a free year of MLB.TV Premium?

Tmobile offering free mlbtv to subscribers

Wouldn’t it be cool to watch or listen all the out-of-market games you wanted? Wouldn’t it be cooler to do it for free? Thanks to T-Mobile, you can! T-Mobile customers get a free 1-yr subscription to @MLBTV Premium by clicking this link through April 10. I watched a few minutes of the Rays/Jays game last night, and even switched between the Tampa and Toronto broadcasts a few times. I’m hoping to watch some of the White Sox game later tonight and see Todd Frazier play his first American League game. I think I might watch a few Marlins games this year too and see what Giancarlo Stanton and Ichiro Suzuki are up to. I’ve never had such unlimited access to Major League Baseball before, so I’m pretty excited. There are, of course, blackout restrictions on local market games, so I won’t get to watch my Reds play unless they’re on the road (if I understand the restrictions properly, which I probably don’t)…but I might watch the opponent’s feed in those cases just so I don’t have to hear the homerism of the Cincinnati announcers. Jeff Brantley is especially horrible. In any case, it’s very cool promotion from T-Mobile and MLB.TV and I can’t wait to be immersed in non-Reds baseball every day, since the Reds will be so awful this year!

Mark Hamill Promotes Free Comic Book Day

Life-long comic book fan and actor Mark Hamill has a great idea about how to spend the first Saturday in May! Find out what Mark has to say about Free Comic Book Day and why everyone should go to their local participating comic shop to get FREE comics!

The End Records releases FREE 2015 album sampler on Amazon!


The End Records announces the release of their Free 2015 Sampler in conjunction with ADA, featuring exclusive and previously unreleased tracks by select The End Records’ artists of 2015. This is a special gratis compilation of breakthrough and multi-platinum talent, with special live recordings sure to satisfy the collections of new and die-hard fans alike.

Download the album for free on Amazon!

Album Tracklist:
01. HINDER – I Need Another Drink
02. EVERCLEAR – The Man Who Broke His Own Heart [Radio Edit]
03. BETTER THAN EZRA – Gonna Get Better
04. BILLY TALENT – Chasing The Sun
05. HIM – Right Here In My Arms [Live At El Teatro Flores Bs.As.Mmxiv]
06. ALOKE – Old Lady
07. BEN OTTEWELL – Patience And Rosaries
08. CHARM CITY DEVILS – Lying To Yourself
09. ALIEN ANT FARM – Our Time
11. JUTTY RANX – Dead Awake

All these artists are staying busy in 2015! Please visit The End Records’ website for information on recent and upcoming releases, as well as tour dates and special appearances.

Like what you hear? Explore these artists and many others at The End Records YouTube. Subscribe for music videos, lyric videos, full albums streams, full album playlists, and life performances!

Halloween ComicFest is tomorrow!

Halloween ComicFest

Pick up free Halloween-themed comics at participating comic shops on Saturday, October 25! Find out which local stores are participating here.

This is the comic I’ve got my eye on…

Batman Scooby Doo

Free music from J. Roddy Walston & The Business

J Roddy Walston

2014 Pirates “Bucaroos Kids Club” Packs Arrived Today

Pirates Kids Club

For the past few years, I’ve registered my boys for a few of the free “Kids Clubs” available from MLB teams. Today, two envelopes showed up from the Pittsburgh Pirates in the mail. It’s nothing fancy, but a nice budget helper for a family. Each child receives one free ticket voucher, good for any Monday through Thursday game (with a couple of exceptions), and four BOGO vouchers, good for any Sunday through Thursday game (with the same exceptions). Using these coupons, a family of four could go to a game for the price of one ticket…not a bad deal if you ask me.

In addition, the team includes several coupons for Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meals. Of course, these are only good in the Pittsburgh area, so they are of no use to us unless we actually take a trip up there this

Sign up your 14-and-under kids for the Bucaroos Kids Club at this link. There is a Gold Membership that costs $25 with some additional perks; the Silver Membership is free.

I’m always on the lookout for free stuff, especially from baseball teams. I know the White Sox and Mets also offer a free version of their Kids Clubs; if you are aware of any others please let me know.

Free* baseball cards!

Crackin Wax is at it again! He is currently offering up 2012 Panini Cooperstown Collection baseball cards to anyone who wants some…all you have to do is send him a SASE after your request is approved! He also has some Gypsy Queen, Archives, Bowman and more up for grabs. Full details can be found at Crackin Wax.

I would like to do something similar. I have way too many cards taking up way too much space, so I’m going to do something for team collectors. Send me an e-mail stating what team you collect, and I’ll fill a box full and send them to you for the price of postage. You don’t get to pick and choose the cards; you will likely receive some oddballs, some junk wax, and some duplicates in the box. There may be some Hall of Famers, rookies, and All-Stars as well; or there may not be. Some teams are more plentiful than others; for instance, Steve already has most of my White Sox cards, but I have a ton of Seattle Mariners just waiting to be loved by someone.

free baseball cards

This is partly to celebrate my fifth anniversary on the blog, but it is mostly an effort to get a ton of cards out of my house fairly quickly.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to jasontcarter at gmail dot com and let me know which team you are interested in. I will let you know approximately how much shipping will be, and will refund any overage as soon as I get home from the post office after mailing your package.


Isn’t that a beautiful word? FREE!

Very few things in life are free. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But there is such a thing as free comic books! On May 1, at least.

Find yourself a local comic shop that is participating in this grand event, and get yourself out there to pick up a FREE comic book!

Here’s a website with a bunch more information.

Free stuff is cool

I love entering contests on the internet, though I don’t recall ever winning anything. But it’s still fun to enter contests. I really want to win a drumset, but I’ll settle for a stack of baseball cards.

88 Topps Cards is giving away a bunch of baseball cards. Right now, the contest is for cards #51-100, which includes Dale Murphy, Roger Clemens, and the amazing Jack Clark, who many thought was robbed of the 1987 NL MVP award. Actually, they were just bitter because Andre Dawson clearly had a better year.

Here is a website that lists a bunch of music-related contests. Most of them are just “enter here,” although occasionally you have to answer some stupid questions about who your favorite band is. I wonder what some of these people think when I answer “Poison” as my favorite band? Is it my fault that they wrote one of the greatest party songs ever? Heck, they’ve written several of the greatest party songs ever…”Nothin’ But A Good Time,” “Unskinny Bop,” “I Want Action,” and “Look What the Cat Dragged In.”

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