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How AMC spoiled Sunday night’s The Walking Dead…and what fans could have done to avoid it

The Walking Dead RIP Beth

The above image appeared on The Walking Dead‘s Facebook feed almost immediately after the bullet when through Beth’s brain Sunday night. The image was a major spoiler for everyone who had not yet seen the episode (including everyone on the West Coast who “like” The Walking Dead), because Facebook is so addictive it was impossible to just log off for a few hours until the episode was over.

“Don’t tell me what happens tonight! I didn’t watch it yet!” That’s a frequent status update. I understand that some people have other obligations during the initial airing, but the easy solution to avoid spoilers is to stay away from Facebook (or Twitter or whatever other social media site you use) until you have watched the episode. And if you are unable to do that, knowing that you will see spoilers from friends (and sometimes even the network itself), then you really have no one to blame but yourself.

I decided to put together a little list of things you could have been doing instead of scrolling through Facebook while you were waiting to watch the episode.


  • Read a book. Just take the “Face” away from that other thing you were reading. There are tons of books online, or you could go the old-fashioned route and actually get one made out of dead trees.
  • Write. Make yourself the author of your own post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world that is ten times better than The Walking Dead. Don’t laugh. Someone will do it someday. Might as well be you.
  • Exercise. Get on the treadmill and work up your running speed to escape those faster-than-Romero-zombies zombies. Lift some weights so you can rip their skulls off and use them as weapons, Daryl Dixon-style.
  • Watch Netflix or a DVD. If you can’t watch the current episode because you don’t have cable or you live in a different time zone, fire up Netflix or the DVD player (do they still make those things?) and watch your favorite movie.
  • Fix a new meal. Find an interesting recipe online, go buy the ingredients and whip it up; or use Supercook to find one using ingredients you already have in the house. You might find a new favorite food for yourself or the minions in your own little universe.
  • Write a letter to an old friend. Not an e-mail. Not a Facebook message. An actual letter, with pen and paper. Don’t you love getting something in the mail besides bills? Other people do, too.
  • Clean your house. When is the last time you vacuumed?
  • Play a game with your kids. Battleship or Operation or Fluxx<img src="; width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" / or Monopoly Deal, or even The Walking Dead board game.
  • Play Solitaire. Does’t that still come free on every computer? Or you could even pull out an actual deck of 52 cards and play it the way we played it before every home was infested with eleven personal computers.
  • Call your mom. She’d love to sit and chat for a few hours. It’s been forever since you called.

So there you have it. Things you can do instead of getting on Facebook…whether it is to avoid spoilers or just because you are way too addicted.


Are you a Facebook fan?

I set up a page for The Writer’s Journey on Facebook a while back, but there were some technical issues between it and WordPress so it was never really utilized. After some testing the past couple of days, it seems to be working properly, so I would like to invite you to click “Like” on our Facebook page to get the most recent updates. Log on to your account, go to and click “Like” and you’re all set!

The Writer’s Journey is now on Facebook!

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This is in addition to our @TWJ_Cincy Twitter account (which is 100% automated, no interaction), @REALjtCarter Twitter account (with some non-blog conversations), RSS feed (add to your reader), and e-mail notifications (click “Follow” on this page).

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Last night at work, I found we had been blocked from a number of websites. Management began blocking our access a few weeks ago shortly after our union filed a court injunction against them for contract violations. The first to go was Myspace, but we found a backdoor. Next was Blogspot, mainly because of one particular blog, but they decided to deny access to every Blogspot site. They took away Addicting Games, Break, and a number of other mindless entertainment sites. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook > Myspace

Yes, there are more people on Myspace that I know than there are on Facebook, but Facebook beats Myspace hands-down because of their built-in instant messenger. You don’t have to download anything, it’s just there along the bottom of the page.

Facebook, you rock.

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