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JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Extreme edition


The city of Boston, Massachusetts, boasts quite an impressive list of bands originating from that area: Aerosmith, The Cars, Powerman 5000, and, of course, Boston. Another rock group originating in Massachusetts is Extreme, featuring singer Gary Cherone and guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.

Extreme achieved massive success in 1990 with the ballad “More Than Words,” but that song was not representative of the band’s sound. A mixture of hard rock, glam metal, and funk, the band has a strong fan base despite a small discography. After a hiatus during the mid-90s through the mid-00s, Extreme returned with a new studio album in 2008 and live album in 2010.

Cherone and Bettencourt still tour today, and are scheduled to perform at Bogart’s in Cincinnati next Tuesday. I’ve been listening to a lot of Extreme lately, and decided to resurrect an occasional series and take a stab at “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Extreme edition.”

The “Ultimate Mixtape” rules are pretty simple:

  • Every studio album must be represented by one and only one song.
  • That song does not have to be an official “single” released by the band to promote said album.
  • Compilation albums can be included, but only songs that are new, previously unreleased, or remixed of songs from prior albums are eligible for the list.
  • Live albums…I’ve softened my stance over time. Live albums are a great way to sneak additional songs into the mix.

Let’s get into it…here is “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Extreme edition”…

JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Exteme edition

The second half of the disc (the “bonus tracks”) is devoted to Extreme members’ other projects.

Bonus Tracks:

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Learn more about Extreme.

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Fenway Park – Gary Cherone & Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme to Sing National Anthem

HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 23, 2012) – Boston’s very own Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt of multi-platinum recording band EXTREME are performing the National Anthem this Saturday, May 26th at 7:00 PM at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays game.

Most recently, in the celebration of Fenway Park’s centennial, Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt and Daniel Bard joined forces and recorded a version of the song “Let The Good Times Roll” available on the 100 Year Anniversary Red Sox Commemorative album. A portion of proceeds benefits the Red Sox Foundation.

Bettencourt will also be celebrating his special fan Darren Parker, who has self-proclaimed himself as one of Nuno’s biggest fans. The band and fans know him as NunoFreak. Darren has an inoperable brain tumor rendering him unable to work as his medical bills are mounting.

A fundraiser is being held on June 23 at Sleep’s Bar & Grill in Bluffs, IL which will include an auction, donations and freewill. Darren’s dream was to have Nuno show up but unfortunately he will be in London on tour with Rihanna. Bettencourt came up with a solution to help.

Last Friday, Nuno surprised Darren by calling him on the phone and invited him to be his special guest with Gary for the Red Sox game. This generous offer includes Darren to be on the field when they perform the National Anthem. After the Anthem, Nuno will gift him one of his Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4 guitars so Darren can auction it on eBay to help cover his medical expenses. The Red Sox has kindly agreed to let Darren come in the afternoon to watch sound-check and then stay in the park to watch batting practice. “We are making this real special for him.” states Bettencourt. After the phone call with Nuno, Darren sent management an email saying that he “Literally had to pull the car over on the side of the road for 20 minutes to just process the conversation he just had with Nuno.”

Here is Darren’s website to learn more about his situation and the fundraiser:

Gary Cherone (lead vocals) and Nuno Bettencourt (guitar) are the driving force behind the iconic Boston rock band Extreme. To date, the Grammy-nominated EXTREME have released six albums, plus a greatest hits set—selling over 10 million records worldwide. They also achieved a Billboard #1 hit single, “More Than Words” from their 1990 multi-platinum album Pornograffitti and a Top Five hit with “Hole Hearted.” Although these two acoustic hits brought the band great mainstream success, the band’s trademark sound is a mix of hard rock funk—fueled by guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt’s signature style and Gary Cherone’s resonant vocals and socially conscious lyrics.

Learn more about Extreme.

Top 50 Hair Metal Songs: #16 – Extreme “More Than Words”

Before you shoot me…this was an amazing song for what it was. Very out-of-character for the band if you listen to Extreme’s other material, but this is the song that made them relevant to more than just the guitarists who looked up to Nuno Bettencourt. Extreme is back together and released an excellent album last year called Saudades de Rock, complete with a few music videos. If you wrote them off after “More Than Words,” give them another try today.

Other songs considered: “Play With Me,” “Mutha (Don’t Want To Go To School Today)”

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I ran out of Goose Joak cards to post

I haven’t returned to GABP since Opening Day, and I really have no idea when I’ll be going back. The whole bullpen situation, and Volquez cheating, and Chapman being held back because of money, and Hanigan not being utilized properly…it’s very frustrating. Why should I give my hard-earned money to a bunch of whiny cheaters and their manager who doesn’t know how to manage?

I’m sure I will go back eventually, probably this summer after the kids are out of school and I don’t have to worry about “bedtime” so much. And I plan to attend a Washington Nationals game this summer when I visit the nation’s capital (is that correct usage? or is it Capitol?), and a Baltimore Orioles game later that week. So I may have some Birds and Nats cards in a couple of months. But baseball has really taken a backseat to other ventures and hobbies that I have at the moment.

For example, my radio show Hard Rock Nights is picking up steam. We’ll be making our debut on Arrow 95.9 in Panama City, FL, this coming Saturday with an appearance by Gary Cherone from Extreme. Next week guitarist John 5 from Rob Zombie’s band will be the guest.

Another thing I’ve got in the back of my mind has to do with the month of May, which happens to be Zombie Awareness Month. I will do something throughout the month on this blog…don’t know if it will be every day or not, but it will start on May 1 (this coming Saturday) and it will be more than just the first day of the month. So look for that this weekend.

I have other things brewing, some which will show up on this blog and some which won’t. But for now, baseball cards and current baseball is taking a backseat.

2008 is almost over

We’ve had some really awesome music come out this year, from Motley Crue’s Saints of Los Angeles to Metallica’s Death Magnetic, Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy to Extreme’s Saudades de Rock. I’m not sure where those discs will fall in my top ten list for 2008, but I know what will top the list…Alice Cooper’s Along Came A Spider. This album from the original shock rocker grabbed me immediately when I heard it in July, and hasn’t let go since. I’ll post my list in a few weeks after I’ve had time to mull it over, and to let the GNR settle into place. It has gone up and down my list quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, and I’m not sure where it will finally sit when I’ve had time to fully digest it. (And yes, I still intend to write a review of the disc.)

What about you? Any 2008 albums that have caught you off-guard as really good, or on the flip side, any that you wished you had never heard?

New HRN promotional video

It’s coming…


Starting August 9…only on

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