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I feel like Christopher Columbus

I discovered something at the antique mall…something that has been there all along. Cramer Baseball Legends, issued in five series from 1980 to 1986, 124 cards in all…and five of them are Reds!


I was able to pick up two at the antique mall for less than a buck. Edd Roush, Hall of Famer who played for the Reds a hundred years ago, was the big score here.


As you can see on the back, Roush was a part of the third series issued in 1982.


The second card I bought was Paul Derringer, who was a star pitcher for the Reds when they went to the World Series in 1939 and won it in 1940. He finished third in MVP voting in 1939 (teammate Bucky Walters won), and fourth in 1940 (teammate Frank McCormick won). The card comes from the fourth series in 1983.


It’s nice to add new cards to my wantlists, and to be able to cross two of them off immediately. I still need three cards from the 1980-1986 Cramer Baseball Legends set: #11 Ernie Lombardi, #110 Johnny Vander Meer, and #123 Frank Robinson. If they are taking up space in your house and you want to de-clutter, I would be happy to help you out!

Happy Reds birthday, Edd Roush!


May 8, 1893

Edd Roush was a member of the 1919 Cincinnati Reds, the team that was allegedly handed the World Championship by the Chicago “Black Sox.” Roush contended for years that the Reds were good enough to win that Series without any help, and further believed that some of his own teammates were involved in a plot to throw the World Series themselves. His granddaughter Susan Dellinger wrote a very interesting book about Roush called Red Legs and Black Sox, which included quite a bit of information about the 1919 season and Series.

What year(s) were these cards released?

Reds legends Edd Roush, Eppa Rixey, and Ernie Lombardi are looking for a home in my binder.

I’m almost finished “bindering” all of my Reds cards, I’m not quite sure what year to stick these three cards in because there is no copyright date or release information on them. Can anyone help?

It looks like most eBay sellers indicate the Baseball Immortals set was released in 1981…but I know that can’t be the case for Lombardi, who wasn’t inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1986.

Trading with a Mets fan

An off-site trade that was arranged with a fellow member of the Baseball Fever brought some interesting Reds cards into my collection.

Some of my favorite cards when I started collecting were the “Baseball’s Immortals” and “Baseball’s Greatest” sets. They were the cheapest way to obtain Hall of Famers and other former superstars, and educated this (at the time) young baseball fan of the game’s great past.

Eppa Rixey
Baseball Hall of Famer: 1963 (Veteran’s Committee)
Reds Hall of Famer: 1959

Ted Kluszewski
Baseball Hall of Famer: nope
Reds Hall of Famer: 1962

Ernie Lombardi
Baseball Hall of Famer: 1986 (Veteran’s Committee)
Reds Hall of Famer: 1958

Edd Roush
Baseball Hall of Famer: 1962 (Veteran’s Committee)
Reds Hall of Famer: 1960

Al Simmons
Baseball Hall of Famer: 1953 (BBWAA)
Reds Hall of Famer: nope (only played
9 regular season games for the Reds, all in 1939)

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