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Don’t you love unexpected surprises?

2019 Topps TBT Yasiel

I ordered this Topps TBT card a few weeks ago on eBay. I received an email a few days ago that I should be receiving the card by May 22. I was surprised when I opened my mailbox today and found it. This is my first Yasiel Puig Cincinnati Reds card. The transaction was smooth, the seller shipped fast, he even used blue painters tape instead of Scotch tape to secure the card (in a penny sleeve) in the Ultra Pro Semi-Rigid Lip Sleeve. This seller (watzhisname) is a pro, and I will not hesitate to order from him again in the future.

But wait…there’s more?!?!?

Bench 2018 Topps Archives

Also with the Puig card was a 2018 Topps Archives Johnny Bench ’77 style…the only Reds card I did not yet have from that set. Is good ol’ watzhisname a TWJ reader, or was this just dumb luck? Does it really matter? I can now cross another team set off the list.

Obviously I left watzhisname positive feedback, and encourage you to check out his items for sale to see if anything fits into your collection.

If you are reading this watzhisname, thank you for the smooth transaction, the fast shipping, and the bonus card!

How many variations are in Topps Heritage?

I picked up a couple of hanger boxers last night at Target (even though I said I wouldn’t), and was happy to pull a Max Scherzer Black Chrome Refractor.

Scherzer Refractor

Since I’m not a Scherzer fan, or a Nationals fan, or a “oooh shiny card” fan, I immediately scanned and went to eBay to sell. (Starting bid $5, or BIN $14.99.)

It’s an obvious variation. But then there are some other variations that are not-so-obvious. Like the photo variations. And color variations. And gum stain variations. So I need to find a good, reliable checklist and sit down with my new cards and figure out which ones might be eBayable. That sounds like work to me, and this is a hobby. I don’t like mixing work and hobby. I’m so conflicted.

I have six cards listed at the moment, including Stephen Piscotty “New Age Performers,” Matt Kemp and David Price SPs, Bryce Harper “Stand-Up,” and Starling Marte/Andrew McCutchen “Pitt Power,” all with a BIN option. I may add more before the day is over, but I have other things to do first.

I did get a couple of cards I’m not selling, too…


Everyone’s favorite right fielder that no one wants, Jay Bruce.


Reds team card featuring Billy Hamilton, Eugenio Suarez, and the dearly departed Todd Frazier.

And I know others have complained, and now it’s my turn. WHY, TOPPS, WHY DID YOU DO THIS???

Reds back

These are not Cincinnati Reds cards. If you’re going to be stupid and issue checklists in this fashion, then you should have Fleer-ordered the set by team.

An Opening Day present (to myself)…

This 1969 Topps Tommy Helms All-Star card only set me back 60 cents…after shipping! If you subtract the 44 cents it cost to ship, that’s only 16 cents! (Did I do that right?) I love eBay!

I love “Free Shipping”

Every once in a while, I will do a search on eBay for “baseball cards,” then organize the results starting with the lowest price + shipping. When I see the .01’s pop up, I know that I need to set aside some time to look at some listings.

I recently received a handful of cards from a seller offering free shipping, and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I got this awesome Johnny Bench “Baseball Heroes” card from 1992 for twelve cents…

This 2001 Topps Archive Reserve reprint of Boomer Esiason‘s rookie card for twenty-six cents…

And I really broke the bank on this 1962 Post card of Don Blasingame, a whopping sixty cents…

Add to that a few Chad Ochocinco cards from my eight-year old (his favorite player), none of which cost more than twenty-six cents. Sorry I don’t have a scan for those…Derek grabbed them out of my hands as soon as they came out of the package! 🙂

eBay bargains (The Final Chapter…for now)

The big package came today…nearly 60 cards featuring Bengals…

and Reds…

guys who had previously been Reds…

guys who had not yet been but would be Reds…

guys who were never Reds but I would have really liked it if they had been…

guys who are in the Hall of Fame

guys who are in the Reds Hall of Fame

guys who should be in both Halls of Fame…

guys who should be in neither (although he should have been the manager in 2000)…

guys who some think would be in the Hall of Fame if not for injuries…

guys who are banned from the Tracy Jones Fan Club

and guys on Canadian cardboard…

There was one slight problem with the order concerning a 1990 Ken Griffey Jr. card, listed as O-Pee-Chee but it was actually Topps. According to Wikipedia, “In 1990 O-Pee-Chee printed a set virtually identical to the 792 card Topps set complete with the Topps logo. The only differences between the two are the bilingual reverse sides and the copyright line.” The card I received was clearly the Topps version, so I contacted the seller. Within seconds, he responded stating my money ($1.26) had been refunded for that purchase and to keep the card.

That’s a great seller. He has a bunch of other stuff listed right now, so go check out his shop and buy some stuff from him.

eBay bargains (part deux)

The listing was simple. The title: “TWO PETE ROSE cards #424 & #12.” The description: “Here are two insert cards of pete rose, so if you wont them just help cover the cost of the shiping and there yours, shiping is about .70 cents.” The picture included with the auction:

I didn’t know if the ’69 was a reprint, or the original, or if I would even receive the cards if I won. And I had no idea what the other card was at all. The seller had a 100% positive feedback, but surely he wasn’t just giving away old Pete Rose cards, was he? I decided it was worth the risk.

I ended up winning the auction at $1.62 (free shipping) and they came in the mail today. Lo and behold, it is a 1969 Pete Rose All-Star card, not a reprint!

The second card is pretty interesting, too. It seems to be an advertisement for Barry Halper auctions from 1999, which included Pete’s Expos uniform worn when he collected hit #4000 and a Ray Fosse baseball bat signed by Pete.

All in all, I think it was a great purchase for the low price of $1.62.

eBay bargains

I had some money sitting in my PayPal account, so I decided to browse eBay looking for bargains. I found a few sellers who were offering free shipping on cards, so I started bidding. From one seller, I won over fifty items…they should be arriving any day now. From another, I won two. They came in the mail today…

1988 Topps/KayBee Superstars of Baseball Eric Davis

Winning bid: $.20

1989 Baseballs Greatest GrossOuts Long Arm Lenny

Winning bid: $.15

For a quarter and a dime I got these two cards, one of the greatest center fielders in Reds history and a baseball-themed parody card…I was in a GPK mood but couldn’t find anything cheap enough. 🙂

The seller has several other items for sale, so go check out rpsitems’ listings and see if there is anything that you’re interested in.

Chemtoy Superballs

Does anyone know anything about these things? I happened upon an eBay auction for a box full of National League balls for $699.99. (No, I didn’t buy them.) Several single balls are also listed for around $60 each. Are they really worth that much? All I really know about them is that they are listed in that one hobby magazine as “1970 Chemtoy Superball.” The same guy that is offering the Tony Perez (pictured below) says he has the complete Reds set and is going to list it for $350. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems insane.

Each set contains an Orsino Hill card!

If that sentence left you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Browsing eBay tonight, I came upon an auction for 4 sets of 1987 Nashville Sounds, which was at the time the Reds’ AAA minor league team. I’ve already got one of these sets (picked it up for a quarter plus shipping several months ago), but since I only have one I wouldn’t pass up another seeing as how I specifically collect Chris Sabo and Rob Dibble cards in addition to Cincinnati Reds. So I clicked on the auction, even though it was more than I’m willing to spend. Don’t ask why, because there really is no good reason. But something about the listing caught my attention immediately.

I’ve seen enough listings on eBay to know that when you’re trying to push something that is hard to sell, you have to highlight the best parts of the product. “Chris Sabo’s first card” or “includes Rob Dibble and Norm Charlton” or even “three-time All Star Jeff Montgomery.” No, the seller decided to use the selling point that “each set contains an Orsino Hill card!”

I never knew Eddie Murphy’s sidekick played ball. I guess I’ll have to go back and look at my Nashville Sounds set again!

eBay finds

Lack of work and access to the internet produces many terrible, terrible results. I have been surfing around eBay for over an hour now, admiring so many auctions, and placing bids on a few. I’m looking at some Cincinnati Reds baseball card lots from the 1970s, some packs of 1985 Donruss, and various other offerings. I would rather find these deals at a flea market or garage sale and avoid the shipping charges, and the possibility (or more likely the probability) that I will be outbid. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

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