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Happy Reds birthday, Dusty Baker!


June 15, 1949

Dusty Baker certainly has a reputation as a fine manager, but he can never seem to take his team all the way. Only once in over twenty seasons has Baker’s team won the pennant (2002 with the Giants). Baker skippered the Reds for six seasons, winning 509 games and losing 463 in that time, three times going to the postseason (where they won two of seven games). Baker has been named the NL Manager of the Year three times, and four other times has finished in the top three for the award.

The Price is Right?

Bryan  Price

The Cincinnati Reds have named their new manager. Bryan Price, who has been Cincinnati’s pitching coach since 2010, will replace Dusty Baker in the dugout. This is Price’s first managerial assignment; he was previously the pitching coach for the Seattle Mariners and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

More changes are coming for the Reds. They need a new pitching coach (obviously), and Brook Jacoby is probably on his way out as hitting coach. The Brandon Phillips trade rumors will start amping up any day now, and a solution must be found for the lack of offense at third base and left field. Will Shin-Soo Choo return to the Queen City in 2014, or will he cash in for a major payday from a larger market?

This is going to be a fun off-season to watch.

Johnnie B. Gone!

Baker fired as Reds manager

After six seasons, two first place finishes and three playoff appearances, Dusty Baker was dismissed as Reds manager. The firing comes after six consecutive losses: five home games against the Mets and Pirates and the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. In typical Dusty fashion, he said, “I was a little shocked, I wasn’t really shocked because I hadn’t heard from anyone in a couple of days.”

So he was shocked, or not shocked?

Baker did defend his coaching staff last week in a meeting with his bosses. “We talked about Brook about a week ago, and they were talking about replacing him and I didn’t think that was right,” the Reds’ former manager said. “All the coaches get blamed for everything. Maybe it was time to go. I did say something like that — and they did it. It wasn’t a mutual thing.”

So what are Dusty’s plans for the future? “I’m not retiring. That wasn’t in my plans, I’m not taking a year off unless I’m forced to if the right job doesn’t come along or no job comes along.”

Hey Dusty, I hear the Cubs are looking for a new manager.

Read more enlightening thoughts from Dusty here.

If that ain’t good managing…

Dusty Baker has decided to make Ryan Ludwick his designated hitter. Ludwick is batting .183 (15-for-82) this season. Exactly what is going through Baker’s mind? According to Hardball Talk:

“I know everybody wants me to play the guy who’s hot, but what happens when the guy who’s hot gets cold and the cold guy never gets lukewarm because he’s not playing?”

That explains why Scott Rolen is still getting so much playing time despite hitting .174 (16-for-101).

UPDATE: Perhaps Baker chose his mind, as neither Ludwick nor Rolen are in the starting lineup tonight.

Game 90

This is just getting ridiculous.

Gypsy Queen – Dusty Baker

I’m not a fan of Dusty Baker the manager. And I came to baseball too late to be a fan of Dusty Baker the player. But I know there are people out there that think he is a genius, and for you I made this GQ card of the former Dodger.

Game 60

Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips drove in two run each, Drew Stubbs hit a home run, and even Paul Janish went 3-5…but Travis Wood allowed the Dodgers to score more. Even Dodgers pitcher Chad Billingsley got hot on offense, hitting a home run and driving in three to help himself out.

2011 Reds (’92 Style): Dusty Baker

I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I am not a Dusty Baker fan. However, there is no denying that he is a good skipper, having won the Manager of the Year award three times and leading three different teams to first place finishes during his 17-year managerial career. He has yet to have back-to-back first place seasons, but there’s a first time for everything, right?

Can you believe this guy has been a manager for seventeen years??? That’s just crazy.

2010 Reds (’72 Style): Dusty Baker

I always hated pulling manager cards as a kid, unless the manager was a Hall of Fame player or Pete Rose (who is a Hall of Famer if ever there was one).

Even today, I hate manager cards. Especially if I don’t like the manager. And I don’t like Dusty Baker. Yeah, he took the Giants and Cubs to the playoffs, and the Reds are playing well now under him, but I’m not convinced he is the reason. I think he is just a lucky dude who happens to be in the right place at the right time. With any luck, he’ll head out to LA next year and the Reds can get someone who won’t destroy the young pitchers in his place.

Dusty Baker (2010 Goose Joak)

The start of the season was devastating for the Reds, who foolishly decided to pitch to Albert Pujols. It was fun going to the game despite the loss though.

I’ll be participating again in Goose Joak’s original set this year, which is already 50+ cards strong so far! Check out the full set here! My first contribution was the Reds’ mangler…er, manager…Dusty Baker!

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