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Who I do support vs. who I should support

According to, I am more similar to Mike Huckabee (69%) than Mitt Romney (68%), John McCain (60%), and Ron Paul (58%). While I like Huckabee (and not for religious reasons, but for policy), I like Paul more. I guess it is the wording of the questions and the level of federal involvement that causes the difference between myself and Dr. Paul. For instance, while I strongly support the death penalty, I do not believe the federal government should be involved in most of those cases–it is a state issue. Does this mean I will change my vote from Paul to Huckabee (if they are both still in the race when the primary comes to Kentucky, that is)? No, I will still vote for the one that I believe has the right policies, and that is Dr. Paul.

What will I do in November, when it is McCain vs. Clinton? The answer is simple: I’ll cry.

UPDATE: I retook the quiz, updating the “importance” of each issue by giving them all a “1” or “2” score rather than weighting some “4” and skipping others. In doing so, I got more of a variety of “oppose/support” questions, and the result was quite different as well. I am now 70% similar to Ron Paul, and 65% to Mike Huckabee. My similarity to McCain (54%) and Romney (53%) took a major plunge as well.

When looking at the candidates no longer running, I’m also similar to Duncan Hunter (71%) and Tom Tancredo (70%) and somewhat similar to Fred Thompson (66%).

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