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Redsfest 2011: Bronson Arroyo

The last post for Redsfest 2011 is not an autograph post, or a baseball card post, or even a baseball post really. Pitcher Bronson Arroyo is also a musician, and took the stage at the end of Redsfest 2011 for a performance with his band.

The set began with a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ song “Slide,” and he continued through several other grunge/alternative rock songs from the likes of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and more. Blessid Union of Souls singer Eliot Sloan was brought out on stage to sing “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)” with the band while Arroyo took a short break.

Arroyo has recruited some good musicians in this project, and it was fun to see him excelling in another area that wasn’t baseball. I’m an Arroyo fan, but he can be frustrating to watch on the baseball field because of inconsistency. He recognizes that himself, saying prior to the “Everlong” performance, “If Bronson Arroyo goes 9-12 with a 5 ERA, I’ll probably retire.” See for yourself…

Arroyo has the voice for this type of music, and does a fantastic job on the Pearl Jam songs especially. You can search YouTube for more performances, but as always it’s best to see the band live in person. I don’t know how often they perform, but if you catch them live be sure to let me know what you thought.

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