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Don’t forget your FREE Dr. Pepper today!

That’s right, folks…Chinese Democracy is in stores, and Dr. Pepper is making good on their promise to give everyone in America a free soft drink as a result. (That is, unless you are Slash or Buckethead, who are excluded from this offer). Just go to Dr. Pepper’s website and register to receive your coupon, which will be mailed in 4-6 weeks.

As for the actual Chinese Democracy disc, I really like it. I will post a proper review in the near future, but for those who are on the fence I would recommend it to you. It’s not your older brother’s GNR, but there are still some good hard rockin’ tunes on the disc. My favorites are “Chinese Democracy,” “Scraped,” and “Sorry.” “Street of Dreams” is a pretty sweet number too, more November Rain-ish than I expected. Again, a proper review will be forthcoming, but not tonight.

I’ve been dancin’ with Dr. Pepper…

How much does Dr. Pepper love Guns ‘N’ Roses? How much does Axl Rose love Dr. Pepper fans? Those are the questions on everyone’s mind as the soda has announced its intention to give everyone in America (with the exception of Slash and Buckethead) a free can of Dr. Pepper if Chinese Democracy is released in 2008. Anytime in 2008. Axl, will you step up to the plate and give America the long-awaited alleged GNR “masterpiece” along with a free soda?

I’m not sure about you, but I doubt Chinese Democracy can top (or come anywhere near) Appetite for Destruction. That album has more hooks than a Bass Pro Shop. AFD is the definitive hard rock album for a generation, perhaps for all-time. AFD is to GNR what Back in Black is to AC/DC, what Zoso is to Led Zeppelin, what Dr. Feelgood is to Motley Crue, what Hysteria is to Def Leppard. Not one bad song; not one forgettable riff. You start playing it, and everyone knows what it is. I’ve heard some of the demo tracks for Chinese Democracy, and I don’t care how much production goes into it, they just aren’t that great. Some are good, but far from great.

At 17 years (and counting), Axl has a lot to live up to. There has been so much hype surrounding Chinese Democracy, that unless Axl is able to pull off another AFD, it will be a failure. That means he will have to scrap most of the songs that have been leaked on the internet over the past 4-5 years and select other tracks that we haven’t heard yet, that we need to hear. Of those that have been leaked which are potential minor hits are “There Was A Time” and “Better.” The others (“I.R.S.,” “The Blues,” even the title track) need to be either revamped or put to the side for a later release without all the hype.

So the question is, how badly do you want a free Dr. Pepper?

And why are Slash and Buckethead excluded from the free soda?

Look here for more info on this promotion.

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