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Reds junk from the Barves Junkie


There has not been a new post on the Cardboard Junkie website in four months. But Dave is still quite active on Twitter as @CardJunk, and after telling him that I wanted to send him some Barves cards, he said he had some Reds set aside for me. His package arrived last week. Here’s some of the awesomeness contained inside:



A couple of “1st Home Run” inserts from 2015 Topps featuring Josh Hamilton and Tony Perez. I don’t recall seeing any of these last year, and if I did, I certainly didn’t notice that some were silver and some were gold.





Some parallel goodies. Red-bordered Jonathan Broxton from 2014, and man, Reds players sure look good on red-bordered cards. The emerald green borders look sharp too, but I bet Donald Lutz would look better in an A’s uniform on that card. The Mike Leake is a mini, alternate-colored bordered Gypsy Queen. And a black-bordered Johnny Cueto Heritage. Are there any sets that don’t have some sort of parallel anymore?


Autographed goodness! Luis Pineda only played two seasons in the bigs, and only one for the Reds. But I got his scribbles now!


Future Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman never played for the Cincinnati Reds, but he spent some time in the organization before going to Miami Florida in the 1992 expansion draft.


Another fantastic reliever, John Franco, from the 1987 Topps sticker set.


Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, from the 1987 Classic green border set. I already had the yellow border card from the travel edition, but the green border features a different photo and everything.




Now we’re starting to get vintagey with a trio of ’70s cards. Tony Perez, 1976. Gary Nolan, 1972. Ty Cline, 1971.


Even more vintage. Leo Cardenas, 1968. This card is going to look fantastic with Leo’s scribbles on it. The only question is whether I wait until December at Redsfest or try to catch him at the Reds Hall of Fame this summer.

There was a ton of other stuff in the package…


…including a card that I didn’t even discover until I went to scan them last night. In addition to all the Reds goodies, Dave included a special 1/1 sketch card of one of my very favorite vampires…



A pleasant surprise slid in between two other cards in one of the hard cases. I absolutely love this sketch card!

2015 Reds, 1990 Score style: Donald Lutz

011 Donald Lutz

His primary position, according to, is pinch hitter. Donald Lutz has appeared in 62 games at the major league level, but has appeared defensively in only 30: 24 times in the outfield and six times at first base. He also appeared as a designated hitter once. In 109 at-bats, Lutz has a .211 batting average with one home run and nine RBI. So far this spring, he is hitting .286 with a homer and three RBI.

A local card shop winner

I was in Owensboro, Kentucky, over the weekend visiting family, and decided to stop in a couple of local card shops to see if I could pick up a few Reds on the cheap. The first shop I went to, G n T Sports Cards, was a quick in-and-out stop. As soon as I saw the $1 sticker affixed to a Willy Taveras card, I knew I wouldn’t find anything there, and knew I wouldn’t be returning.

I then drove to Triple B Sports Cards & Custom Creations. While I didn’t find an astounding selection, I was able to pick up a few 2013 Bowman Chrome and Topps Chrome rookie cards for twenty cents each: Tanner Rahier, Ismael Guillon, Jeff Galalich, and Donald Lutz. The only guy I had heard of was Lutz, whose family moved to Germany when he was very young. But they’re all wearing Reds uniforms, and that’s all that really matters to me.





Based on this trip, I will be returning to Triple B next time I’m in Owensboro.

Fun Cards: 2012 Topps Donald Lutz (@braunerhulk)

Reds minor leaguer Donald Lutz in spring training

One of the cuts made to the spring roster earlier this week was Donald Lutz, optioned to Bakersfield. He played in Dayton last year and put up solid numbers, and was having a fine spring (7 hits in 23 AB, including 2 homers). But he plays first base, and that position is currently occupied by a guy named Joey Votto. Perhaps if Vottomatic flies the coupe after the 2013 season, Lutz will get a fair shot in Cincinnati.

Fun fact: Lutz is a dual citizen of the USA and Germany. Ehrfürchtige.

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