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Doctor Who (the TV show) is fifty years old

…in case you haven’t heard. Yesterday was the phenomenal “Day of the Doctor” special with both Matt Smith (the current incarnation of the character) and David Tennant (the tenth incarnation). I haven’t seen it yet. But I know it’s phenomenal because it’s Doctor Who.

Doctor Who

I actually haven’t seen any of the seventh season so far, but I can’t wait to get caught up. Smith is not my favorite Doctor, but I have come to appreciate him more over the past couple of years. I never liked River Song, but the way that played out was quite nice.

One of the great things about the BBC is that they aren’t afraid to spoof themselves from time to time, as evidenced in “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot,” starring several former versions of the Doctor. It can be watched right here on BBC One’s website.

Doctor Who including John Hurt

Happy anniversary, Doctor Who…here’s hoping there will be fifty more!

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