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Fun Cards: 1988 American League All-Star Outfielders



The top three vote-getters among American League outfielders were Rickey Henderson, Dave Winfield, and Jose Canseco.



Canseco went on to win the AL MVP Award on the strength of the first-ever 40 home run/40 stolen base season.



Coming in second for the MVP Award was Mike Greenwell, who believes he should be retroactively honored due to Canseco’s admitted steroid use.



Kirby Puckett rounds out (no pun intended) the AL outfield in 1988.

Was anyone snubbed? The players would have added Cleveland outfielder Joe Carter to the roster ahead of Henderson, but since the fans get to select the starters, Carter stayed home.



Fun Cards: 2019 TWJ Dave Winfield


A lot of athletes are hyped up while in college, but perhaps none as much as Dave Winfield in the early 1970s. Winfield was the best hitter and pitcher for the University of Minnesota Gophers’ baseball team, and was a star power forward for the basketball team. He was drafted fourth overall by the Padres and never spent a single day in the minor leagues.

The Atlanta Hawks tried to persuade him to try his hand at professional basketball, drafting him in the 5th round of the 1973 NBA draft. Add to that the ABA’s Utah Stars selection of Winfield in the 6th round of the 1973 ABA draft.

Winfield never played a single football game in college, but the Minnesota Vikings were impressed with his athleticism so much that they used their 17th round draft pick on him.

I’m glad Winfield chose baseball.

Fun Cards: “Baseball Immortals” Dave Winfield


Dave Winfield was perhaps one of the greatest athletes in baseball history. In addition to being the Padres’ first-round pick in the 1973 draft, he was also drafted by the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA and the Utah Stars of the ABA. But wait…there’s more! Despite never playing football in college, the Minnesota Vikings were so impressed by Winfield’s athleticism, they made him their seventeenth-round selection in the NFL draft. Winfield decided to pursue his professional career on the diamond, and never played a day in the minor leagues. He was an All-Star every year from 1977 through 1988, winning seven Gold Gloves and six Silver Sluggers in his 22 seasons.

1986 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Cards #28-33

In 1986 Topps teamed up with Quaker to issue a 33-card set full of superstars, including a nice handful of future Hall of Famers. Today we have the final six cards in the set…

1986 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 19-27

Five out of the last six cards feature Hall of Fame players. Tom Seaver received the highest-ever percentage of votes when he was inducted in 1992 with 98.8%, and it was thought that Cal Ripken might challenge that mark when his name appeared on the ballot. Ripken ended up with 98.5% of the vote, which landed him third on the list behind Tom Terrific and Nolan Ryan. Jim Rice struggled the most to get into Cooperstown, finally garnering the 75% required in his fifteenth and final year on the BBWAA ballot.

The lone non-Hall of Famer here is Dan Quisenberry, one of the best closers in the majors in the first half of the 1980s and especially famous for his submarine style of delivering the ball to the plate. He finished in the top five in Cy Young voting five times, and top 10 in MVP voting four times. Quisenberry retired in 1990 and passed away in 1998 from a brain tumor. In addition to his baseball career, Quisenberry is known for his writing; a book of his poetry was published in 1998.

Fun Cards: 2012 “Taco Bell Softball” Dave Winfield

Is it just me, or does Dave Winfield look completely ridiculous in a modern San Diego cap? Break out the brown and yellow!

San Diego Padres Winfield

Photo credit: AP

Retired Numbers: #31

This is an interesting one. Three guys are honored…one of them (Maddux) twice. Three teams are represented…one of them (the Cubs) twice (for Maddux and Jenkins). Interesting to me, at least.

Greg Maddux, Chicago Cubs

Greg Maddux, Atlanta Braves

If the Cy Young Award is ever renamed for another pitcher, Maddux has to be in the discussion. The 4-time winner of the trophy finished in the top 5 four other times and is 8th on the career wins list with 355 victories. Maddux will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2014, along with former teammate Tom Glavine.

Dave Winfield, San Diego Padres

Fergie Jenkins, Chicago Cubs

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