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Retired Numbers: #39 & #40

We skip over #38, which has not been retired by any major league team yet.

Don Wilson, Houston Astros

Tragedy is the theme with several of these retired numbers, and Wilson is no different. During his career, he was an All-Star and pitched two no-hitters. His second no-hitter came against the Reds at Crosley Field, one day after Cincinnati’s Jim Maloney no-hit the Astros. Has that ever happened before?

The tragedy comes with Wilson’s death in 1975. He was found in the passenger seat of his car, with the motor running, in his garage. His son, who was inside the house, also perished from the fumes, and his wife and daughter both slipped into comas. The death was ruled accidental.

Roy Campanella, Brooklyn Dodgers

Danny Murtaugh, Pittsburgh Pirates

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