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Wanna play a game (and get some free cards)?

Baseball Cards

This is where I store my tradable cards, sorted by team. I started using this system more than a decade ago, when the Nationals were still known as the Expos and the Marlins claimed the entire state of Florida their home, rather than just Miami. Every drawer has something in it, even the six blank drawers. And I want to get rid of it all, a little bit at a time.

So let’s play a game. If you want the contents of one of the drawers, follow my Twitter page (@REALjtCarter) and retweet the pinned tweet (which links to this post). Then reply to the tweet with the team you want, or if you want one of the unlabeled drawers (1 through 6). I will randomly select one retweeter and reveal the contents of the drawer live on Periscope, then send it to you.

Every drawer contains something. It may be one card, or it may be twenty. Or it might be something else altogether. And one of those drawers contains a jersey card of a current major leaguer. Also scattered throughout the drawers are some autographs obtained through the mail of several former major league players. In addition, there are a handful of parallels here and there. Whichever drawer you pick, you get everything in that drawer!

A couple of things to keep in mind: the Expos and Nationals are in the same drawer. Other defunct teams are generally included with their current location (i.e., the New York Giants and San Francisco Giants share their space). If a card is misfiled, it doesn’t matter; whatever is in the drawer you pick goes to you. The unlabeled drawers may include baseball cards or non-baseball trading cards, or may include something else entirely. This game is open only to US residents. Oh, and you can only pick one drawer, so choose wisely.

If you want to play (and I think it will be fun), click here, make sure you follow me, then retweet this tweet, and respond with the drawer you want. You have until Sunday night to make your selection. I will go live on Periscope with the drawing and reveal at 11 p.m. eastern on Sunday, March 19.


Chrome Contest

The Georgia Mindset blog is giving away a free box of 2010 Topps Chrome!

Nightmares on Cardboard III

Anyone planning to take part in Thorzul’s annual Nightmares on Cardboard contest? He says he only has one entry so far, and the deadline is Sunday. I have some things in the works, including this…

Not my best work, I know. But I just started getting in the Halloween spirit a couple of days ago, so I’m kind of under the gun.

I have a couple more cards completed, including one that uses the above card…and I have a few more in my head. If the zombies don’t eat my brain, I might get them finished tonight and will post them over the weekend.

Drew’s Cards is having a contest…

…and you can win some cool Obak swag. Four different lots of cards to win, so go check it out. Here’s the link.

How much fun would Cy Seymour have with you?

Or, if you had a month to spend with Cy Seymour, what would you do?

Would you show him off to your friends?

Would you take him to work/school with you?

Would you maybe take him to a baseball game?

You can win a month with Cy Seymour…er, a cardboard representation of Cy Seymour from the T206 set…yes, the old 1909-1911 T206 set…just go enter the contest at Carl Crawford Cards.

Shopped Cards Contest!

BOOM! David, blogmeister of the excellent Confessions of a Sports Junkie site, has won the prize! He’ll get some Topps Ring of Honor cards, as well as a few random White Sox (his favorite team).

The answers can be found here.

Inspired by this post at Traded Cards, my 9-year old son has made his own “Shopped” creation in MS Paint. We’ll do this the same way Andy did his: send your answers to my e-mail address (jasontcarter at gmail dot com) and the first one to correctly identify all 21 cards gets a prize. The puzzle is not as difficult as Andy’s, and the prize is not as cool as what Andy offered — I’m not even sure exactly what the prize will be yet — but hopefully you will get some enjoyment out of this. The prize will be baseball cards, but other than that I don’t know.

Dads, this is a great activity to do with your kids. Joshua and I had a great time figuring out Andy’s puzzle together (he actually found more of it than I did)! Have fun with it!

All of the cards can be found on the 88 Topps blog.

When you think you have all the answers, shoot me an e-mail: jasontcarter at gmail dot com.

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