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Christmas gift ideas for your aspiring comic book writer/artist

Writing and drawing for comic books is a true art form, and the skills needed to succeed are much different than what a short story writer or novelist might utilize. Here are some books to help those who are exploring their talents in the comic art form.

Words for Pictures

Most writers who dream of working in comics love to read them as well, so they may also enjoy the books below.

This blog could be so much better, but…

I found a funny webcomic

Not as sick as Cyanide & Happiness, but still funny. Check out The World of Roodie Doodie and share a laugh with me. 🙂

I can’t wait for Iron Man

Especially if they have bad jokes like this…

The Blah Blah Blog has a few of these comics. Good stuff.

I’m surprised I’ve never been asked this…

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