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Just a quick reminder…

…I have this beautiful 1976 Topps Cliff Johnson card available at the site. I will accept any offer for an older card. I’m trying to get back to 1952 eventually, but certainly don’t expect anyone to offer a ’52 for this ’76. Instead, I will take any ’75, ’74, ’73, etc., that you’re willing to offer. Just make the offer and when I log in I’ll accept (assuming another user with a ’76 Johnson doesn’t accept first).

Now, I do have an offer that I put out there (but don’t expect to be accepted) for a ’75 Bill “Spaceman” Lee. “Spaceman” was an interesting character…

Should this offer be accepted, I will update the blog and let my faithful readers reader know, and the ’75 Lee will then be up for trade. But for now, it’s a 1976 Cliff Johnson…yours for the asking (as long as you’re offering an older card).

Have I rambled on enough yet?


I’ve been a very bad boy.

I broke one of my own rules in the Countdown to ’52 Challenge. But that’s what happens when you get desperate.

You see, I was offering a 1985 Topps John Franco for a 1984 Topps card. Any 1984 Topps card. I dropped a few hints here and there, and made a blog post here about it. But the offers never came. I guess 1984 is a year we all hold close to our heart. It was a great design.

Then, out of nowhere, came a trade offer. But it wasn’t a 1984 card being offered. It was a 1976. I had the opportunity to bypass 8 years in the Challenge. I hemmed and hawed, and almost got an ulcer trying to make a decision. And finally, I couldn’t resist.

Now up for trade is a 1976 Cliff Johnson of the Houston Astros.

And I will also abandon the “only one year prior” rule. If you wish to offer a 1975 card, I will accept. If you wish to offer a 1974 card, I will accept. If you wish to offer a 1952 card, I will accept.

So there it is…make me an offer I can’t refuse!

P.S. – I didn’t recognize the username of the person who made this trade, so if you’re a blog reader and want a link over there in the sidebar, let me know!

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