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Happy Reds birthday, Chris Welsh!


April 14, 1955

In his final major league season, Chris Welsh started 24 games for the Reds and posted a 6-9 record with a 4.78 ERA. He has been broadcasting Reds games since 1993.

Redsfest megapost!

My oldest son and I braved the winter storm to attend Redsfest Friday night, and loaded up on autographs! I was able to obtain four players that I did not previously have, and got three more cards signed for my 1984 Topps Reds team set autograph project!

If you want to see the scans of the autographs and some photos from the event, click on through…

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2012 Redsfest: Chris Welsh

Welsh Redfest

Chris Welsh only spent one season in a Cincinnati uniform, but he has become an extremely popular broadcaster for the Reds. He has actually been calling games since 1993, which kind of blows my mind. I had no idea he had been in the booth for that long. I actually enjoy Welsh; he’s no Joe Nuxhall, but he gives an insider’s insight to the game in a non-annoying way (very much the antithesis of Jeff Brantley).

1986 Texas Gold

I would love to get the entire 1986 Texas Gold set signed, but that will be impossible for two reasons: Pete Rose has three cards in the set and is way too expensive, and Bo Diaz has passed away (RIP). For a stadium giveaway, the 1986 Texas Gold set is very nice and clean and has some decent photos, especially for the time period.

1987 Topps

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