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Fun Cards: 1988 Topps Neal Anderson (NFL, baseball-style)

Neal Knows Football Cards

Neal Anderson took over for Walter Payton, and although no one could fill Sweetness’ cleats, he had a good run. Anderson was named to the Pro Bowl four straight seasons, starting in 1988.

Fun Cards: 1988 Topps Walter Payton (NFL, baseball-style)

Payton Knows Football Cards

Walter Payton retired in 1987, but he was requested by a Twitter user. Consider this a “career capper” card.

Fun Cards: 1988 Topps Jim McMahon (NFL, baseball-style)

McMahon Knows Football Cards

NFL players don’t have the swagger of Jim McMahon nowadays. I miss Mad Mac.

Sure, the Patriots have had a perfect season (so far)…

…but do they have a theme song?

Regardless of how many games they win, the Patriots will never trump the 1985 Chicago Bears in this category. No team will.

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