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Lita Ford Reunites With Cherie Currie For Christmas Duet

All I Want for Christmas is a Runaways Reunion

Inching closer and closer to a Runaways reunion, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie have recorded a new Christmas song for the 2013 season, “Rock This Christmas Down.” According to Currie, the song “has the flare of our Runaways legacy but its pure Lita. It rocks like only she can. We took a dim, negative and unfinished past and turned it into a positive future. It doesn’t get any better then that. I know this will be the best Christmas I have had in decades.”

Ford is excited about the new song as well. “I thought the world could use a new Christmas song. The song was Written by Mitch Perry, my guitarist and Michael Dan Ehmig, my lyricist, along with Marty O’Brien on bass, and Rodger Carter on drums. We so rocked it!

“What I didn’t know is that I’d be singing it as a duet with my long lost sister, Cherie Currie. I am blessed to have her back in my life, and what an appropriate time and song to rehash an old friendship. CHRISTMAS!!!

“Cherie hopped a plane from Chicago to L.A., and drove straight to the studio and threw down her vocal track on this rocking song! Needless to say, it was magic and history in the making.”

You can hear “Rock This Christmas Down” and read an interview with the rockers at USA Today, and purchase the song at iTunes.

Of course, this isn’t Lita’s first Christmas song…she also appeared on Twisted Sister’s Twisted Christmas. What’s more Christmas than Dee Snider?

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