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Fun Cards: Topps Now TBTC for April 15

Today’s Reds highlights are brought to you by Frank McCormick, Ewell Blackwell, Gary Nolan, Cesar Geronimo, Sal Butera, Dave Concepcion, and Eric Davis.

Take special note of Concepcion’s highlight. I really wish I could have found a photo of the actual event.








Happy Reds birthday, Cesar Geronimo!


March 11, 1948

Cesar Geronimo was the only one of the Great Eight that was never named to an All-Star team in the 1970s, but his name is so fun to say. He did have a couple of pretty good seasons in 1974 (4.2 WAR) and 1975 (4.1 WAR). But when you are on the same team as Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Dave Concepcion, Pete Rose, George Foster, Ken Griffey, and Johnny Bench, it’s hard to get much attention.

1983 Donruss and the search for a Hall of Fame rookie card

pack 1

pack 2

I picked up two rack packs of 1983 Donruss last night at the Redsfest for $1 each. I thought surely they were just in the wrong place on the table, but no…$1 each. And with a Reggie Jackson Diamond King showing on top, how could I resist?

Of course, the only real reason to buy packs from 1983 is to find a rookie card of Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, or Ryne Sandberg. So did I do it? Find out after the jump…

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Fun Cards: 1981 Fleer Cesar Geronimo

The powerhouse baseball team of the 1970s was the Cincinnati Reds, with four trips to the World Series and two additional appearances in the postseason. The offensive lineup was full of future Hall of Famers and superstars: Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose, Tony Perez, George Foster. The outfield of Foster, Cesar Geronimo, and Ken Griffey is often overlooked because of the immense popularity of the catcher and infield.

By the end of the decade, the pieces of the Big Red Machine were falling off. Perez had been traded, Rose left via free agency, and others were on their way out. By 1980, Dave Collins replaced Geronimo as the full-time centerfielder. It was not until January 1981, however, that Cesar was traded to the Royals for German Barranca. Topps and Donruss both saw fit to include him in their 1981 sets as a Red (and Topps in the Traded series updated his uniform and team affiliation to the Royals), but Fleer ignored the outfielder in their 1981 offering.

In the age of the internet, we are able to correct the wrongs of yesteryear. Presenting a “fun card” of Cesar Geronimo, the 1981 Fleer card that should have been (with special thanks to TWJ reader Mick for the card template)…


Geronimo was released in October 1983 and did not join another team in 1984, but Topps and Donruss again issued cards of the 70s star in their 1984 sets. Fleer did not. Anyone want to take a crack at a 1984 Fleer Cesar Geronimo?

Two in a row for the Redlegs!

July 17, 2010, was Hall of Fame induction night for the Reds Hall of Fame. Chris Sabo, Pedro Borbon, and the late Tony Mullane are the newest members of the club, and several Reds Hall of Famers were on-hand to welcome them. They all hung out at the Museum before the game for photos with the fans…

Here is Joshua (my son) with the 1966 NL Rookie of the Year, Tommy Helms…

Here we are with Big Red Machine centerfielder Cesar Geronimo…

We’ve met Leo Cardenas on at least three other occasions. He is always super nice and has a great smile for everyone.

Big Red Machine second baseman and National Baseball Hall of Famer Joe Morgan!

The greatest catcher to ever play in the majors! I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think of another time that I’ve met a National Baseball Hall of Famer, and I can’t come up with one. I think this is a first for me, and I got to do it twice in less than a minute! They really are larger than life.

One of the 2010 Reds Hall of Fame inductees, Pedro Borbon…

One of the reasons I am still a baseball fan today, Chris Sabo…

After the photo festivities, the skies decided to open up and pour for a while. Luckily, the rain stopped and the on-field ceremony took place, honoring Sabo, Borbon, and Tony Mullane, whose descendants were in attendance.

Most of the Hall of Famers who were present for the photo sessions stayed for the ceremony, and a few others showed up as well.

First row, l-r: Jim O’Toole, Jim Maloney, Tommy Helms, Leo Cardenas, Wayne Granger, Gary Nolan.

Second row, l-r: George Foster, Mario Soto, Jerry Lynch, Johnny Bench, Jack Billingham.

Third row, l-r: Eric Davis, Tom Browning, Cesar Geronimo, Barry Larkin.

Borbon threw out two ceremonial first pitches; this is the second one….

Spuds also threw out a ceremonial first pitch…

And then the game was underway, featuring the return of Edinson Volquez.

Joey Votto(matic), my other son’s favorite player…

Drew Stubbs went deep twice tonight…

The Reds only had five hits in the game, four of them home runs, winning the game 8-1. A great start to the second half of the season, a great return for Volquez.

2009 Topps Cesar Geronimo

For the next few days, I’ll be posting some “fun cards” of Cincinnati Reds in the style of 2009 Topps. I love the cards of retired players that Topps has been putting on the current base design (you can see a lot of them at bdj610’s blog). But there are no Reds. So I sought to rectify that problem, and went a little crazy.

I made 30 cards.

Yes, 30 retired Cincinnati Reds on 2009 Topps baseball cards.

We’ve got all the Great Eight from the 1970’s Big Red Machine, along with Sparky and Bob Howsam, some older Reds stars and some 1980s-1990s Reds stars. So be sure to come back each day to see a new Cincinnati Reds legend on this year’s Topps design.

Playing centerfield for your 1975 Cincinnati Reds…

#20, Cesar Geronimo Read the rest of this entry

Dick Perez, I am not.

But the man inspired me to go out and buy some paint and canvas earlier tonight. Here is a work in progress, a painting of Cesar Geronimo. I will post updates as I feel like it. I need to go back out and try to find some skin-tone color (what I thought would work, did not). Read the rest of this entry

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