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It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s STUPID HEROES!

Wax Eye

The makers of CEREAL KILLERS proudly introduce
Stupid Heroes
Kids and adults will love the hilarious parodies
of their favorite super heroes and enjoy
the discovery of ALL NEW ridiculous characters.

Preorder Stupid Heroes

Feed monsters breakfast! Collect digital trading cards!

Cereal Boom

Artist/Creator Joe Simko’s Company
Unleashes Cereal Boom Mobile Game App

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 3, 2013 – Art-centric company Wax Eye, headed by Joe Simko (, artist for Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Misfits, GWAR, Van’s Warped Tour, etc.), releases Cereal Boom, a mobile game app in time for October Halloween celebrations.

Cereal Boom stars Zomba Crunch, Apple Drac, and Eye Pop, 3 popular parody characters from Wax Eye’s, Cereal Killers Trading Cards. The player’s mission is to feed nutritious food (Walking Brains, Awesome Apples, and Chattering Chompers) to create a Cereal Boom! Cereal Boom is a fast-paced and hilariously-gross action game that is kid-centric, and appeals to all ages. Free download. Available for Iphone and Ipad in the Apple app store.

The winner is rewarded with head explosion animations and digital trading cards. The player collects cards with skilled gameplay and high scores. With Cereal Boom and the Cereal Killers Trading Cards product line, Wax Eye hopes to bring the love/joy/obsession of collecting trading cards to a digital generation.

About Wax Eye
Wax Eye, whose tagline is “Stuff That’ll Make Your Eyes Melt!” opened its doors in early 2011. Its mission is to bring back the fun of childhood by making pop-obsessed products that kids will be nostalgic about in the not-so-distant future. Founded by creative couple, Joe Simko and June Gonzales, this company is reaching for the edge of untamed ideas, and is dedicated to finding fun, off-beat inventions that spotlight art as the primary focus.

About Joe Simko
Joe Simko is an artist based in New York City. He has contributed to Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, and Mars Attacks trading cards. Clients include Gotham Girls Roller Derby League, Ride Snowboards, Misfits, GWAR, Van’s Warped Tour, and Spooky Empire Horror Convention. Simko has illustrations printed in Spin Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Skinnie Magazine, OC Weekly, The Art of Modern Rock, The Art of Electric Frankenstein, Roller Derby Art, and more.

Learn more about Wax Eye.

Go download Cereal Boom today!

News from the world of Cereal Killers!

Man, I absolutely love Wax Eye’s Cereal Killers, but just in case you’re not sold yet, check out some of the awesome stuff they’ve got going on this month…

Greetings to you, you fine, young pumpkinhead! It’s Holiday Season here at Castle Wax Eye.

CONTESTS! We wanted to start the celebrations by announcing our first weekly Facebook contest! Contest starts on Monday and ends Friday at Midnight EST. Entrants must (1) Like us on our Facebook page (2) Share our Halloween Coupon image and (3) Comment/answer our Cereal Killers-related question. A new winner will be announced every Saturday! PRIZES INCLUDE: 3-Pack Sets, Hobby Boxes, Uncut Cards and sketch cards!!

HALLOWEEN SALE! 50% off on S1 and S2 3-Packs and Hobby Boxes – use promo code “TRIXORTREAT” at‘s checkout!

NEW YORK COMIC CON! October 11- 14th. Wax Eye and our CCO, Joe Simko, will be at Toy Tokyo (Booth #3303) at noon on Saturday, October 13th. CKS2 Promo Cards and Sketch cards are FREE with every purchase! There will be LIVE sketch card drawings and a Cereal Killers contest for entrants from the Comic Con. ALSO, at Schiffer Publishing (Booth #844) at 2pm on both Saturday and on Sunday, Cereal Killers 3-Pack sets will be given away with a purchase of any of Joe Simko’s book series, The Sweet Rot.

That’s the news for this grand October. Enjoy, and remember to keep one eye covered!


Cereal Killers Series 2 by Wax Eye

Cereal Killers Series 2 trading cards
from Wax Eye, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, a package arrived on my porch. I didn’t even have to open it to know I was going to love what was inside…


That’s right! Cereal Killers Series 2 trading cards from Wax Eye! Before we rip in, let’s take note of the “disclaimer” that appears on the outside of each box of cards:


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look inside the brown box. Just like the previous release, Cereal Killers Series 2 comes packaged in collectible cereal boxes featuring different parodies on each side. The stickers are also available in individual packs and hobby boxes.

the cereal boxes

Each cereal box contains a package of 20 cards, an eyeball gumball, and two special inserts. You may recall there were some issues with collation in the inaugural release last year, resulting in a large number of doubles, leaving the collector short of a complete set. I am happy to report that those issues seem to have been resolved. Even though a full set is still not guaranteed, I came much closer to completion than I did with Series 1. After opening all three boxes, I was only one card short of the base set (missing #35 Candybran, if anyone happens to have an extra one). If you want to guarantee a complete set, purchasing a hobby box is the way to go.

tearing in

There are some really fun cards in this collection. As a subset in the 55-card base set, cards 46-55 feature “Black & White Classic Cinema Cereal Cards.” Parodies of Nosferatu, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits are all included here. Among the first 45 cards in the set, there are classic horror movies (The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby) and more recent flicks (Paranormal Activity, Scream) referenced. There are also cards that are simply parodies of cereals, all bloodied up for the gruesome effect.

look at all this awesomeness

My favorite three cards from the set are below. A modern movie that is certain to be a Halloween tradition for many years to come is Trick ‘r Treat (buy it), and artist Joe Simko captured the essence of the film with this simple design. Christine is one of my favorite horror movies from the 1980s (buy it), and I love what Simko did here, especially the designation that it comes in a “King Size Box.” Finally, from the black & white subset, the parody of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (buy it) hits the mark with a fantastically-drawn Creature.

my favorites

The inserts include nine “Silver Spoon Foilcards” (“Fruit ‘n Flyber” pictured below) that are super shiny, non-bordered cards. Odds of pulling these cards are two per 3-pack.


Another insert is the “Sugar Glitter Chase Premiums.” There are eight total (“Twin Grain,” a parody of The Shining pictured below), with three per 3-pack odds. I pulled three Silver Spoons and three Sugar Glitters in my boxes. Other inserts you might find are Glow-in-the-Dark Fluorescent Stickers (1:4 3-Packs) and original, hand-drawn Sketch Cards (1:5 3-Packs).


Without a doubt, this has been my favorite new card release of the past decade. Combining my love for horror with my love for collecting cards is a sure-fire way to draw me in. The cards are standard 2.5×3.5 size, so they fit in your UltraPro 9-pocket pages for easy storage. If you love horror movies, or novelty/parody trading cards, Wax Eye’s Cereal Killers will hit the spot.

Learn more about Wax Eye and Cereal Killers.

Purchase Wax Eye Cereal Killers Series 2 trading cards.

They’re coming! CEREAL KILLERS SERIES 2!!

The latest Wax Eye newsletter arrived today with some information about the second series. I can’t wait to get my grubby little fingers on these bad boys. Here is the info:

Cereal Killers

The wait for CEREAL KILLERS SERIES 2 is almost over!
The next batch of breakfast beasts will be unleashed very soon. More info below:

Cereal Killers premiums

Silver Spoon Foil Cards (9 designs)
Sugar Glitter Cards (8 designs)
Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers (3 designs)
11” X 17” Point-of-Purchase Posters
Color & B/W, One-of-a-kind Sketch Cards

Cereal Killer sketch artists

Keep an eye popped for our next newsletter announcing the official date of release. For wholesale distribution orders, please email

Enjoy, and remember to keep one eye covered!


The e-mail also contained a few “spoiler” images. My favorite of these previews was Apple Dracs:

Apple Dracs

Unleashing Cereal Killers Sticker Cards!

I got this update from Wax Eye earlier this week…

Wax Eye Cereal Killer Cards

Greetings, Wax Eye Newsletter Subscribers! Welcome to our newsletter from Castle Wax Eye. We’d like to Introduce our NEW Cereal Killers Sticker Cards – 1st Series Hobby Box. This is an answer to many retail requests for a kid-affordable, sticker version of our cards. Here’s the product details:

    • 24 Packs per Hobby Box – MSRP:$1.50/pack
    • 5 Sticker Cards OR 4 Stickers and 1 Premium per Pack
    • PREMIUM! – 8 Silver Spoon Foil Cards (2:1 box)
    • PREMIUM! – 3-Magnet GROSS-ery Aisle Tryptic (1 Magnet : 2 boxes)
    • PREMIUM! – 11” X 17” Point-of-Purchase Posters (1:1 box)
    • PREMIUM! -Color or B/W, One-of-a-kind Sketch Cards (1:2 boxes) From Wacky Packages Artists Neil Camera, Matthew Kirscht and Joe Simko
    • WHOLESALE PRICES AVAILABLE! Click here to learn more.

Until next time, you fine, young Stickerhead! We, here at Castle Wax Eye, will continue to keep you updated on our latest inventions and events. Remember to keep one eye covered!

– Professor Wax Eye

I think this is a great move, and gets me even more excited for series 2 which should drop sometime this summer!

Wax Eye “Cereal Killers” trading cards

I remember the glory days of the 1980s, ripping open packs of Garbage Pail Kids (much to my mother’s dismay). My friends and I laughed at the low-brow humor found on both the front and back of the cards, as any self-respecting fourth grader would. I know that Garbage Pail Kids are still around, but they don’t hold the same place in my heart today.

Fortunately, I have found a great set to take its place: Cereal Killers by Wax Eye. Combining the parody aspect of Wacky Packages with the gross-out factor of GPK, Cereal Killers is perfect for fans of horror movies or parody trading cards in general. Each card is a mash-up of a horror icon with a breakfast cereal.

For instance, put Michael Myers on a Wheaties box, and you get Halloweeties: The Breakfast of Maniacs. The artist, Joe Simko, does a great job of capturing the essence of horror and incorporating that into the descriptors found on the cereal boxes. Look again at the Halloweeties box above: it’s “Made with 100% WHOLE PAIN” and includes “Marshmallow Pumpkins with Massacred Skin Flakes.”

On the reverse, the cards feature either puzzle pieces or a comic. Three different puzzles can be formed, creating super-sized versions of card #1 (Zomb’a Crunch), #2 (Frosted Freeks), or #25 (Honey-Chrome). Out of the three boxes I opened, I was able to complete only puzzle #1.

Speaking of the boxes, how fantastic is the packaging? Each package contains three mini cereal boxes, and each box contains twenty cards, an eyeball gumball, and a special premium: either a blacklight sticker, temporary tattoo, fridge magnet, gold foil card or an original, hand-drawn sketch card.

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
42 Omen O’s 44 Tix (double) 41 Honey Cut Deleerios
36 The Silence of the Grahams 33 Ghoulden Grahams (double) 15 Hex
26 Bloody Bunches of Throats 30 Good Fiends 38 Hick’s Mix
7 Children of the Corn Flakes 4 Chucky Harms 6 Halloweeties (double)
50 Grosslix 55 Reaper’s Puffs 39 Ape-Guts (double)
43 Corn Pufftasm 45 Bloody Smacks (double) 42 Omen O’s (double)
31 Homicidal Killer 34 The Phantom of the Oatmeal 36 The Silence of the Grahams (double)
27 The Ring O’s 16 Gloomy Pebbles 26 Bloody Bunches of Throats (double)
8 Frankly Burried 5 Zomb’a Crunch’s Crunch Brains 7 Children of the Corn Flakes (double)
48 Zomb’a Crunch’s Peanut Blooder Crunch 54 Zomb’a Crunch’s Black Christmas Crunch 50 Grosslix (double)
44 Tix 21 Angry Jacks 43 Corn Pufftasm (double)
32 Tales from the Crisp 35 Alien-Bits 31 Homicidal Killer (double)
28 Death 17 Chainsaw Toast Crunch 27 The Ring O’s (double)
9 Fright Loops 37 Eye Pops 8 Frankly Burried (double)
49 Village of the Grahamed 47 Razor Cut Brain 48 Zomb’a Crunch’s Peanut Blooder Crunch (double)
45 Bloody Smacks 22 Natural Grudgenola 44 Tix (triple)
33 Ghoulden Grahams 11 Exorcrisp 32 Tales from the Crisp (double)
29 Creepix 18 Golden Curse 28 Death (double)
10 Clockwork Porridge 6 Halloweeties 9 Fright Loops (double)
53 A Bitemore on Oat Street 39 Ape-Guts 49 Village of the Grahamed (double)

It is difficult to pick my favorites, because each one brings a smile to my face. But if you held a machete to my throat, here are the three best that came out of these boxes:

The only complaint I have is the collation of the packs. Each pack contains 20 cards, but as you can see in the chart above, I only got three new cards in the third pack and ended up with 20 duplicates out of 60 cards. I hope Wax Eye is able to improve this ratio in series 2 (and I truly hope there is a series 2). I realize a complete set is not guaranteed in the package, and Wax Eye does provide links to facilitate trading on their website, but twenty duplicates out of sixty total cards still seems a bit much.

Other than that, Cereal Killers are fun cards, and I highly recommend them to my horror-loving, card-collecting comrades out there.

Learn more about Cereal Killers trading cards and the Wax Eye company, and purchase a box or two, at!

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