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Feed monsters breakfast! Collect digital trading cards!

Cereal Boom

Artist/Creator Joe Simko’s Company
Unleashes Cereal Boom Mobile Game App

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 3, 2013 – Art-centric company Wax Eye, headed by Joe Simko (, artist for Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Misfits, GWAR, Van’s Warped Tour, etc.), releases Cereal Boom, a mobile game app in time for October Halloween celebrations.

Cereal Boom stars Zomba Crunch, Apple Drac, and Eye Pop, 3 popular parody characters from Wax Eye’s, Cereal Killers Trading Cards. The player’s mission is to feed nutritious food (Walking Brains, Awesome Apples, and Chattering Chompers) to create a Cereal Boom! Cereal Boom is a fast-paced and hilariously-gross action game that is kid-centric, and appeals to all ages. Free download. Available for Iphone and Ipad in the Apple app store.

The winner is rewarded with head explosion animations and digital trading cards. The player collects cards with skilled gameplay and high scores. With Cereal Boom and the Cereal Killers Trading Cards product line, Wax Eye hopes to bring the love/joy/obsession of collecting trading cards to a digital generation.

About Wax Eye
Wax Eye, whose tagline is “Stuff That’ll Make Your Eyes Melt!” opened its doors in early 2011. Its mission is to bring back the fun of childhood by making pop-obsessed products that kids will be nostalgic about in the not-so-distant future. Founded by creative couple, Joe Simko and June Gonzales, this company is reaching for the edge of untamed ideas, and is dedicated to finding fun, off-beat inventions that spotlight art as the primary focus.

About Joe Simko
Joe Simko is an artist based in New York City. He has contributed to Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, and Mars Attacks trading cards. Clients include Gotham Girls Roller Derby League, Ride Snowboards, Misfits, GWAR, Van’s Warped Tour, and Spooky Empire Horror Convention. Simko has illustrations printed in Spin Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Skinnie Magazine, OC Weekly, The Art of Modern Rock, The Art of Electric Frankenstein, Roller Derby Art, and more.

Learn more about Wax Eye.

Go download Cereal Boom today!

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