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Insect Candy from Hotlix

Hotlix candy

Trick or treat is right around the corner, and if you want to be known the really creepy house on the street, or maybe avoid getting repeat customers, then an assortment of insect candy from Hotlix might be just the ticket. I received a nice little package from the company…three suckers (apple with worm, blueberry with cricket, and banana with scorpion), a box of Bacon & Cheese Crick-ettes and a box of Cheddar Cheese Larvets.

Here’s a close-up of a Bacon & Cheese Crick-ette:

Bacon and cheese Crick-ette

I love the idea of gross-out snacks in the shape of insects, but these treats are not just in the shape of insects…they actually are insects! I thought the detail was quite extraordinary for a novelty item, so I researched it a bit more. The company prides itself in taking the gross-out factor to new levels; the website says, “For over 20 years HOTLIX has been making people cringe with delight with their outrageous confections featuring real insects embeded inside the candy!”

So what do they taste like? My youngest son ate one…

Eating a cricket

At first he said, “They taste good!” But he wouldn’t eat a second one, complaining of a bit of an aftertaste. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to actually put one of these in my mouth; as much as I love bacon, I just don’t think I can psychologically handle eating a cricket.

Whether you actually eat one or not, Hotlix Insect Candies are great conversation starters and Halloween decorations.

Hotlix also makes unbuggy candy and flavored toothpicks.

Learn more about Hotlix.

Purchase Hotlix snacks or toothpicks.

Candies by Boston America Corp.

Who you gonna call

Various candy items
by Boston America Corp.

I recently received a nice little package of assorted candies fro Boston America Corp. featuring Ghostbusters (“Slimer Sours”), Pac-Man (“Power Pellets”), and Nintendo (“Brick Breaking Jawbreakers,” “Superstar Candies,” and “Zelda Mints”) tins, all pictured above. As the candy goes, it is as good as any other candy out there and each person’s taste will determine what flavor suits them (“Slimer Sours” were my personal favorite). The real draw for these are the collectible tins.

Four of the five containers have removable lids, making them reusable for candy or coins or whatever other small trinkets you might like to keep in them. The Pac-Man tin, however, does not have a lid that pops off; it twists, allowing the “Power Pellet” candy to pop out a small hole in the side.

Boston America Corp. produces licensed candies and beverages for several other properties as well: Simpsons, Smurfs, Playstation, Betty Boop and even Star Trek. The collectible candy tins in particular are fun novelty products that last longer than the short time it takes to gobble up the candy inside.

Learn more about Boston America Corp.

Purchase Boston America Corp. Candies.

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