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Listen to Hard Rock Nights NOW!

Hard Rock Nights is airing right now on Stickman Radio. Yes, right NOW…and every Friday afternoon beginning at 1 pm EST. If you miss this afternoon’s show, you can hear it tonight beginning at 10 pm EST on KWTF The Edge, or tomorrow night at 9 pm EST or Sunday at noon EST on Rock Hard Radio!

Quick review of the Crüe Fest, Cincinnati edition

Crüe Fest came through Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 19, 2008. I got a ticket back in whatever-month-Father’s-Day-is-in and have been looking forward to it ever since. Wasn’t feeling the best the day of the show, but there is no way I’m missing the Crüe. Read the rest of this entry

I’m going to Crüe Fest tonight

August 19, 2008, in Cincinnati, Ohio…

Read the rest of this entry

New Buckcherry video

I finally beat Rob to the punch on something. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

New Buckcherry

Hard Rock Hideout has some info on the new Buckcherry, coming in September, including a link to download a song from the new album!

Three huge days

August is looking like it will be a great month for music in Cincinnati. There are several shows coming to Riverbend that I hope to attend. Read the rest of this entry

August will be a great month for music…

August 16, I’ll be seeing Poison (my favorite band), Sebastian Bach (whose new CD was pretty good), and Dokken (who I’ve never cared for much) at Riverbend.

Then, just 3 days later, I’ll see Motley Crue (my second favorite band), Sixx:AM (whose CD was pretty good), Buckcherry (who have many better songs than that one that got played to death), Papa Roach (who have a few songs I like), and Trapt (who I am not familiar with whatsoever).

Hopefully the Crue show won’t be too overpriced, but with a line-up like that I’m sure it will cost a pretty penny.

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