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Game 83

Bronson Arroyo has given up a league-leading 24 home runs so far this season, including three on Friday against the Indians. The record for most homers surrendered in a season is held by Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven, who gave up 50 in 1986. Arroyo isn’t quite on pace to catch him…but you never know.

Also of note on Friday, Brandon Phillips reached the 1000-hit mark for his career.

Game 63

I fell way behind on these, didn’t I? Tons of overtime at work and real-life activities have limited my laptop free-time quite a bit. I’m actually not caught up on all the games yet, but will post in series as I can until I’m caught up. Which may be next to never.

Game 53

Bronson Arroyo had his second straight rough start, chased after 3 innings and 5 runs. Offensively, Jonny Gomes had a hot bat but was never in a position to drive in runs; Drew Stubbs went 3-7 with 3 RBI.

Game 48

For the second straight game, the Reds starting pitcher was chased after 2.2 innings. Bronson Arroyo allowed 9 Phillies runs…all earned. Jay Bruce connected for his 12th homer…do I smell a roster spot on the All-Star team this year? He has really turned it on lately, getting his average up to .282 and launching balls left and right, not to mention driving in runs. He has 30 ribbies on the year so far.

Game 43

The Reds only managed five hits and were unable to cross the plate as the Bucs shut them out 5-0 at Great American Ballpark. Bronson Arroyo pitched seven innings, butgave up home runs to Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen.

Game 28

Florida went deep five times Sunday afternoon, scoring 5 runs off Bronson Arroyo in the first seven innings and another 4 off Nick Masset in the 8th. The Reds weren’t shut out, though, as Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips both homered and Chris Heisey drove in two with a double in the 9th.

Reds 2010 Award Winners

2010 Gold Glovers Bronson Arroyo, Brandon Phillips, and Scott Rolen were honored before the game Friday night.

2010 NL MVP Joey Votto was honored before the game March 31. I did not make a card for him at the time, but have now corrected that oversight…

2011 Reds (’92 Style): Bronson Arroyo

The 61st card of this series…just had to be #61 Bronson Arroyo. He’s had some good starts for the Redlegs, but his ERA was inflated by a bad outing against the Pirates. As long as those bad outings are the exception and not the rule, he should be okay this year.

This will be the last of the ’92 Style cards for a little while. I’m still missing a few coaches and prospects, but we’ll get around to them eventually, as well as some other special cards throughout the season. The list will remain on the sidebar, however.

Reds Stadium Giveaway Baseball Card Set

I love free stuff. I have several (but not all) of the Reds SGA sets since 1986. The ones that I don’t get at the ballpark, I buy after the fact. Last year I didn’t get them at the park simply because I wasn’t paying attention to the calendar. The first year I went to the game for the cards was 1988 (I bought 1986 online just a couple of years ago).

Here is the 2011 set, given away today to the first 30,000 fans, with special golden cards for Gold Glovers Bronson Arroyo, Brandon Phillips, and Scott Rolen, and a silver card for Joey Votto. Click on the images below for a much larger scan.

The next game we are planning to attend is April 30, when the Reds are giving away Joey Votto bobbleheads.

Game 13

Charlie Morton bested the Reds bats while Bronson Arroyo gave up 5 runs in 4 innings. When you lose to the Pirates, you know things can only get better.

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