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Fun Card: 1988 Fleer “Super Star Special” Yadier Molina/Brian McCann

The All-Star Game is the perfect backdrop for this kind of card. Featuring Yadier Molina of the villainous Cardinals and Brian McCann of the not-quite-as-villainous Braves (they’re actually kinda boring nowadays to me…I used to hate them a lot more), here’s a “fun card” based on the 1988 Fleer “Super Star Special” subset.

My first pack of 2008 Heritage

And my last. These things are expensive. Got it at Walmart for $2.97, and only got 8 cards. Man, what a ripoff. Anyway, here’s the goods:

#70 Carlos Guillen (Detroit) – wasn’t he supposed to be good once? I don’t see it in his stats.

#88 Clay Buchholz (Boston) – a rookie card. Yay. Hope he becomes a superstar.

#148 Hunter Pence (Houston) – not a rookie card, but a young kid, and he’s supposed to be good.

#285 Chad Billingsly (Los Angeles) – never heard of him, but it’s a black back.

#301 Ronnie Belliard (Washington) – should be in Montreal. Those poor Canadians.

#398 Ryan Church (New York Mets) – the back of the card says he “had been standing at the doorstep of Major League impact for several years.” I think he’s still standing there.

#425 Brian McCann (Atlanta) – he’s a catcher, I don’t expect him to be good.

#HDP9 Ichiro (Seattle) – Dick Perez has been one of my idols since the 1980s when I started collecting. I loved the Diamond Kings, and I love the Walmart inserts this year. And this is just a cool card, although I think that is the only pose Ichiro ever takes for the photogs.

So that is my experience with 2008 Topps Heritage. I like this set, but not enough to try to complete it. Way too rich for my blood. I’ll stick to the bargain bins (in which my son found a $15 Michael Jordan basketball card for 20 cents).

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