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I’m trying to think of something nice to say about the Cleveland Indians

Sorry, I can’t come up with anything at all.

At least they have some fans that are willing to trade stacks of Reds for stacks of Indians. Last week I was introduced to @cjbosu2000 on Twitter, and we agreed to a blind trade. I shipped a padded envelope of Tribe up his way, and he sent some Reds south…

Reds cards

Most of the cards were very modern, but there were a handful of junk cards, including this needed Chris Hammond card…


I was a big Hammond fan back in the day. I was certain he was the next big thing and “invested” in a stack of his Upper Deck rookie cards. Fortunately, my investment was small to begin with, so I didn’t lose that much. This Leaf card is one that I never got a hold of, though, so it’s nice to add it to my collection.

Most people in the blogosphere don’t care about those ancient junk wax cards, though. You monsters just want to see the shiny stuff. So take a look at these goodies from 2016, all of which I think will be new to my binders…

Platinum Votto

2016 Bowman Platinum Joey Votto

DK Frazier

2016 Panini Diamond Kings Todd Frazier

Archives Bruce

2016 Topps Archives Jay Bruce

Heritage Iglesias

2016 Topps Heritage Raisel Iglesias

Then, moving into 2017…

DK Votto

2017 Panini Diamond Kings Votto

Optic Votto DK

2017 Panini/Donruss Optic Diamond Kings Votto (purple parallel)

2017 A&G Larkin

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Barry Larkin

2017 Fire Duvall

2017 Topps Fire Adam Duvall

2017 Gallery Finnegan

2017 Topps Gallery Brandon Finnegan (Maybe canvas parallel? Need clarifcation on these.)

2017 Heritage Storen

2017 Topps Heritage Drew Storen

2017 Opening Day Finnegan

2017 Topps Opening Day Finnegan

There were so many great cards in this package. Chuck has definitely earned a spot on my permanent “send his favorite team’s stuff to him when I get it” list. Thanks for the Reds goodies, Chuck!

Happy Reds birthday, Brandon Finnegan!


April 14, 1993

Brandon Finnegan was stellar in his first start of the season, shutting out the Phillies through seven innings. In his second start, however, he was unable to find his control and walked home a run in the third inning before being pulled. The bullpen (Michael Lorenzen, Cody Reed, and Wandy Peralta) picked up the slack, though, and prevented the Bucs from getting a hit the rest of the game. According to Elias Sports Bureau, that is the first time in the modern era of baseball that the bullpen has pitched seven or more hitless innings.

2015 Reds, 1990 Score style: Brandon Finnegan

Brandon Finnegan

Considered by many to be the centerpiece for the Reds in the deal that sent Johnny Cueto to Kansas City, Brandon Finnegan is the first player to play in both the College World Series and the MLB World Series in the same year (2014). Finnegan appeared in 14 games for the Royals in 2015 before the trade, and six games for the Reds after. He ended the 2015 season with a 5-2 record and 3.56 ERA between the two teams, striking out 45 batters in 48 innings.

Finnegan is the last of the 2015 Reds in the 1990 Score style. By my calculations, we have posted 99 cards total: 65 Reds (plus one “alternate” version), 12 highlights, and 21 ex-Reds (including one “alternate”).

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