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Reds announce stadium giveaway bobbleheads

2019 Reds Bobbleheads

Yesterday was National Bobblehead Day, and the Cincinnati Reds celebrated by announcing the bobbleheads scheduled for giveaways during the 2019 season. All six bobbles will feature Hall of Famers who spent time with the Reds.

  • Ernie Lombardi – May 18. “The Schnozz” was a Veterans Committee selection in 1986. A slow-running catcher, Lombardi twice led the NL in batting average.
  • Joe Morgan – June 1. “The Little General” was a first-ballot selection by the BBWAA in 1990, receiving 81.8% support. He led the NL in offensive WAR every year from 1972-1977, and won back-to-back MVP trophies to go with his back-to-back World Series rings in 1975 and 1976.
  • Barry Larkin – June 15. Larkin was a 12-time All-Star, 9-time Silver Slugger, and 3-time Gold Glover, and he won the 1995 NL MVP. It took three tries, but the BBWAA finally elected him in the 2012 Hall of Fame vote.
  • Tony Perez – July 27. Perez appeared on nine Hall of Fame ballots before finally getting the call in 2000. He was inducted with his Big Red Machine manager Sparky Anderson and 1975 World Series rival Carlton Fisk.
  • Johnny Bench – August 17. When Bench’s name appeared on the BBWAA ballot, there was no doubt that he would be inducted. The question was how many would vote for him. As it turns out, only 16 voters declined to check Bench’s name.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. – September 7. Junior is different than all the others on this list because he is more known for his time with the Mariners. But he has always been a hometown Kid, and I’m glad to see him included.

I love all these players, but already have bobbleheaded likenesses of at least four of them, so I am not sure if I will try to attend any of these games. If I do, it will likely be for Lombardi…wait…nope…gotta work that day. Maybe Griffey? Nope…working that day too. Maybe I’ll try to swing a shift trade with a co-worker.

Since I already have the other four in one fashion or another, I doubt I will attend those games. It costs a lot of money to go to a big league game, even at the cost-friendly Great American Ballpark. I will peruse the rest of their promotional schedule and pick another game or two to attend.

If I had my druthers, I would have chosen Bid McPhee, Edd Roush, Eppa Rixey, and Tom Seaver. The team is celebrating the diversity of uniforms throughout the year, why not show some more diversity of uniforms through the bobbles? I already know the answer. Bench and Griffey will sell more tickets than Roush and Rixey, and it’s always all about the money.

I’m anxiously awaiting the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum’s giveaway announcement. I have not been a member for a couple of years, but if the giveaways appeal to me, I may join again in 2019.

Bobbleheads galore


Between regular giveaways, special ticket packages, and Hall of Fame offerings, the Reds have a ton of bobbleheads on tap for 2017. I’m not a crazy, “gotta have ’em all” bobblehead collector, but I do enjoy picking one up every now and then. Here is the run down of the stadium giveaways and ticket package bobbleheads available:

April 21, 22, 23 – Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon bobblehead (ticket package)
May 5 – Star Wars Stormtrooper bobblehead (ticket package)
May 20 – Adam Duvall bobblehead
June 2, 3, 4 – Iron Man bobblehead (ticket package)
June 3 – Anthony DeSclafani bobblehead
July 14 – Parrothead bobblehead (ticket package)
July 15 – Billy Hamilton bobblehead
July 21, 22, 23 – Charlie Brown bobblehead (ticket package)
August 4 – Elvis bobblehead (ticket package)
August 5 – Raisel Iglesias bobblehead
August 26 – Homer Bailey bobblehead
September 16 – Tony Perez/Sean Casey/Joey Votto triple bobblehead
September 23 – “Fan vote” bobblehead

Add to that six planned bobbles at the Hall of Fame for Leo Cardenas, Tommy Helms, Pete Rose, Ron Oester, Dave Parker, and George Foster, and your shelf could be full of just 2017 issues.

The ones I am most interested in from these are the Perez/Casey/Votto triple bobblehead, Charlie Brown, and Parker from the Hall of Fame. I don’t think I will put out the money for Charlie Brown, though, since those tickets are a bit more than I prefer to spend. The others are definite possibilities, and I may end up getting the Hall of Fame package that includes all six bobbleheads and a 1975 World Series replica ring.

Vincent Price figure by Rue Morgue RIPpers

Vincent Price

Rue Morgue Magazine has partnered with the late horror icon’s estate to release their premiere figure in the Rue Morgue RIPpers Limited Edition Line of Collectible Bobbleheads: legendary horror icon VINCENT PRICE!

Vincent PriceThis 7-inch-tall figure, designed by Aggronautix, is limited to 1500 numbered units and depicts the legendary star in a classic pose, with a skeleton in hand.

“This Vincent Price bobblehead perfectly captures my dad’s whimsical scariness,” said Victoria Price. “He would have loved it, and so will you!”

Made of space-age polyresin, and sculpted with frightening accuracy right down to the fine facial details, the Vincent Price Rue Morgue RIPper is only $29.95 plus S&H and is expected to go fast.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Victoria Price and the talented team at Aggronautix to create the first in a unique line of quality collectibles,” said Rodrigo Gudiño, President of Rue Morgue.

Aggronautix expects stock before Christmas but can’t guarantee delivery before Christmas due to the fact that customers are worldwide and shipping times will vary from a few days, to a few weeks.

All Aggronautix figures are now available for purchase on and will also be available at independent record stores, comic shops, tattoo parlors, etc via distribution by MVD Entertainment Group.

Pre-order now at

Four out of five Reds Hall of Fame bobbleheads announced

Sparky Anderson, Jim O’Toole, Eric Davis, and Barry Larkin will be the first four bobbleheads offered to Reds Hall of Fame visitors on select days this season. A photo of the Davis figure was posted on the Reds Hall of Fame Twitter account today…

Davis 44 bobblehead

Pretty nifty, eh?

Become a member of the best team Hall of Fame in the country! Details here!

A complete set

I never set out to be a bobblehead collector, but I now have thirteen different bobbleheads in the man cave. The only one I’ve ever paid for – Mark Prior in a Cubs uniform – cost a whopping dollar at an antique mall (I actually have two of them, one still in its packaging, if you are interested in trading for one).

Today, I picked up my thirteenth bobblehead, and it was my fifth Johnny Bench figure.

This year, the Reds Hall of Fame has been giving away Bench bobbleheads free with paid admission on the weekends (while supplies last). As an “All-Star Family Member” of the HOF, the first four were included with the membership package. The fifth, however, was not. So I forked over the ten dollars for admission to the museum this morning, and added Johnny Bench #5 to my collection.

I normally don’t go out of my way for bobbleheads. The first one I ever got was of Mr. Red, offered as a free gift when you signed up for a credit card. The card was canceled and cut up as soon as received.

The second was Larry Bird, wearing an Indiana State uniform. I’m sure it was given to me at some point while I lived in Indiana, but I cannot remember exactly when or by whom.

I have picked up four other bobbleheads at ballgames: Chris Sabo, Jay Bruce, and Joey Votto (all Reds), and Adam Jones (Orioles). Another figure, Aaron Harang, was won on Listia, and the shipping was free, so I didn’t even have to pay to have it mailed to me. And then there was the $1 Mark Prior (of which, again, I have two…if you are possibly interested).

Again, I am not an intentional bobblehead collector. But I am a Sabo fan, a Votto fan, and a Bruce fan. And a supporter of the Reds Hall of Fame. And I can’t pass up free stuff. And I was just lucky that we happened to go to the Baltimore game on a promotion night. I guess that makes me an accidental collector?

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