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Spot It! MLB Edition

Spot It MLB

Spot It! MLB Edition
by Blue Orange Games

Spot It! is a card game requiring both concentration and quick reflexes. Each circular 55-card set comes in a tin making it easy to transport. There are several ways to play the game, but all require you to find a matching object on at least two cards before you can advance. There is always only one object that matches between any two cards. For instance, on the MLB Edition, two cards may have the Cincinnati Reds logo, but there will be no other matching items on those two cards. The instructions give five different sets of rules. In some games, such as “The Tower,” the object is to have the most cards at the end of the game; in others, such as “The Poisoned Gift,” the object is to end with the fewest cards.

The MLB Edition features the logos for all thirty teams, including the Miami Marlins’ brand new logo, as well as a few mascots and other baseball icons (bat, ball, glove, etc.). I played several rounds with my nine-year old, and his young mind was able to spot the matches much quicker than I could. He won most of the games, and I know he will be asking to play a lot. The rules of the game are simple enough for a youngster to grasp the concept (age recommendation is 7 years and up), but developing and refining the ability to concentrate is invaluable. This is more than just a game; it is a training tool for the mind.

If there are no baseball fans in the house, don’t fret. Spot It! comes in other varieties, including the original game, an NHL Edition, and a Junior Edition for even younger players.

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